Friday, March 29, 2013


Um, yeah. So it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged. Life has just been a tad bit nutty around here lately, and the rare times when things seem slow, I find myself just wanting to enjoy the slow and not race to the computer. Recently, we had some friends over and ventured down the street to the park, and were surprised to find none of the four adults had any clue what time it was, as NONE of us had brought our phones with us (nor wore watches). It was kind of fun to note…all of us were just enjoying watching our kids play together, and enjoying chatting with each other, and not at all distracted by electronics. There has been a lot of that over the last month.

But I mean, really, if Stephanie can find time to blog during a cross country move with four small children, you’d think I could scrape up 15 minutes to document our life and clear my head.

Those last three words carry the most weight as to my delay in blogging. It’s certainly not been for lack of thoughts or things to say…it’s just lack of energy to delve into what I have to say. It’s been a challenging month in some ways, as I have injured and reinjured my back with simple daily activities, which is physically and emotionally draining. Down right depressing. Also, our babies turned 3 this month. THREE. I can hardly believe it. I’m thrilled and sad about it. I'm enjoying them so much and love the things three year olds can do and say...but I kinda miss my babies. I had a birthday in there too, and that was all kinds of fun =).

We had plans for a fun-filled family Spring Break and decided to trade off taking turns getting the flu instead. Ugh.

Lots to catch up on. Lots and lots and LOTS of pictures to upload and post. I got a new camera for my birthday (thanks family!!) and can’t wait to see better quality pictures on here!

This weekend is full of fun Easter activities. And supposedly great weather – for the Pacific Northwest that is =). 70 tomorrow and Sunday. Yea. Between the good weather and all the yard work Dave has done recently, I see a lot of time outdoors in the near future. Luke will be so happy – I’m quite sure the boy would live outside if we would let him. I love that about him. After all, adventures are easier to be had in the outdoors.

May your weekend hold many adventures as well.

Be back soon…