Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello from the maternity ward!

Hi all!

First of all, thank you so much for all your sweet comments! They have just delighted me to no end!!

And thank you even more for all of your prayers!

I am going to be honest here...the last few days have been the greatest and hardest of my life. I am just over the moon in love with these two babies. I am crying as I type this just even thinking about how much I love them. They are so very precious to me. I have never known a love like this before, so instant and so intense. It's an incredible thing.

I have never been more in love with my husband either. He is such an amazing daddy! He has blown me away with his patience and his way with them. He has just fallen into this role so naturally, it is really impressive. And to see him adore them just melts me in a whole new way.

We are so grateful for their health, and for their sweet spirits. They seem to be such good babies. They hardly fuss, and are easily calmed down.

I also am so surprised by how much pain I am in. My c-section for Abbey's delivery was emergent, and therefor fast and brutal. One of those 60-seconds-skin-to-baby kind of things. My incision is killing me. It feels like someone poured lime juice in it when I first try and move stings so bad. I have stitches from both deliveries, and neither is comfortable. I am so swollen all over - which they tell me is normal and will go down in a few days. My jaw is sore and it's hard to eat because of my need to be intubated. My throat is very sore from this as well. I was vomiting and dry heaving after the anesthesia and unable to eat solid foods for the first 29 hours after delivery. I was so weak. I have a strange cough that feels and sounds like it needs to be productive, yet it isn't. It hurts my incision to cough hard, yet I need to get whatever it is up. My doctor thinks it is just some residual "leftover" stuff in my lungs from the tube being down my throat. She isn't too worried about it, but wants it to be completely gone before I leave, so she is keeping us all another day. We will head home Wednesday it looks like.

It's been hard not to be able to fully care for my babies. I have yet to be able to change their diapers because I haven't been able to stand that long.

But, things are getting better each day. I am now fully free of the catheter, all IV's, and any other misc wires, leads and bandages I had all over my body. I am staying on top of my pain meds, and last night was even able to get out of bed and walk the maternity floor a bit. Today I was up a few times too. It hurts so bad getting out of bed, but it's starting to feel better to be up and around a bit.

Breast feeding is going ok. My milk hasn't come in yet (which is to be expected), but hopefully will soon. Yesterday we seemed to back track a bit with the babies ability/desire to latch, and I had a complete meltdown about it. I feel like that's the ONE thing I am able to do for them right now, and I am determined to do it. Luckily today has been much better. Thank you Lord!

Thank God for such a loving and supportive husband who is able to be here and be so hands on. Thank God for loving and willing family and friends to help.
Thank God for all the people praying for our family, our sweet babies, and my recovery. The prayers are working and I really feel like things are getting easier.

So thank you.

Soon I will write a detailed post about their deliveries, both so I can document it and so I can process it all. But after I get it all out, I intend to do my best to move on from it. After all, at the end of it all, I have two healthy babies out safely, which was our prayer.

Thanks be to God.

Even though these last few days have been rough in a lot of areas, I would do it all again in an instant.

Without a doubt.

These are my first days as a mother, and they are so precious to me. Our babies are such a gift... I am so unworthy of this much favor from the Lord.

They are worth ANY amount of pain or discomfort. And they were worth every seconds wait, and every tear along the way.

More than worth it.

I mean, just look at these faces...

Our sweet son.

Our sweet daughter.

I look so tired here -and I was!- but I have never been happier than to have both my precious babies in my arms at one time.

I mean just. look. at. these. faces...!!

How do I describe how I feel about these babies? I feel like "so in love" and "complete adoration" don't even begin to touch the emotions I have for them...

I am so blessed.

I better finish up, since my little ones are going to need to eat soon, and I get to feed them =). But before I go, I wanted to ask you all to please be in prayer for my niece Cadence and my sister Amanda and brother in law Noah tomorrow.

That sweet little girl is going to be having surgery to repair her heart valve. Please be praying for God Himself to guide the surgeons hands, for a successful surgery (we are asking the Lord to please let this be the LAST one!), for peace and a calming presence for Cadence, and for peace, comfort, and assurance for Amanda and Noah.

Thank you so much for praying!

With sincere gratitude and love,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some more pictures!

Hey, Everyone. Emily, again. I know you all must be dying for more pictures, so here you go!

the door to their hospital room!

Luke's little clubbed feet :)

(For those of you who don't know, Luke's clubbed feet were not a surprise; we knew about the condition from ultrasounds. It's 100% treatable, and frankly kind of cute right now!)

David and his little girl

Auntie Natalie and the babies
(Luke is in the green hat)

Me (Emily) and the twins

The adorable little family!

Everything is going really well. Kendra and David are still really tired, so if you could be praying that they will get some much needed rest and have more energy. Still, they are both in good spirits and feeling so blessed right now. The babies are truly precious. Luke is nursing like a champ and Abbey is getting the hang of it.

Since Kendra did have a c-section for Abbey, it's looking like she and the babies will be coming home sometime on Tuesday!

More to come! Hopefully a post from Kendra soon!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Update Time!

Hello, Everyone! It's Emily again. Just wanted to give you all another quick update.

Everyone is doing very well! They are in a recovery room now where they will stay for the next few days. Please continue to pray that things stay well. They are all very tired and ready for sleep.

I have a bit more information about the c-section, as well. Abbey's heart rate apparently got pretty high while Luke was coming. After he was out, the OB tried to maneuver Abbey into the right position, but it just wasn't working, and Abbey's heart rate started to get low. They decided to do the c-section. Kendra needed to be put under as opposed to just increasing her epidural because the heightened epidural didn't kick in fast enough and they needed to get Abbey out quickly.

Whew. SO, there you have it. Things were a bit tense for awhile, but the important thing is that all is well now :)

Sorry that it's not more detailed. I'm sure Kendra will provide a much more complete story when she can blog again.

Also, we know their lengths now! Luke is 20.5 inches and Abbey is 19.5 inches. So, even though he outweighs her by nearly 2 pounds, she's a tall little girl (especially for her weight).

Both of the babies have hair! Luke's is pretty dark, but Abbey's is pretty light and looks like it will be curly!

Sorry these updates aren't very detailed/fluid. Thank you for being patient and bearing with us as updates trickle in. Kendra will be much more thorough when she starts blogging again :)

And finally, here are some more pictures:

Abbey (L) & Lucas (R)

Aren't they just precious?!


Hello, Everyone! This is Emily, Kendra's sister. Well, the babies are here!

Meet Lucas:

Luke was born vaginally just after 1:00 am on March 27th, 2010 and weighed in at 7lbs 7 ounces.

and meet Abigail:

Abbey came a bit later via c-section and weighed in at 5lbs 9 ounces. From what we know, the reason that the c-section was necessary was because, suddenly having SO MUCH ROOM (her chunky brother having just vacated the womb), Abbey moved herself out of position to be born vaginally.

Unfortunately, Kendra needed to be put under general anesthesia and missed Abbey's arrival. Please please PLEASE be praying for Kendra. She's doing well in recovery, but we just know how much she wanted to be awake for Abbey's birth.

Our whole family is feeling so blessed. These little babies are truly gifts from God :)

Here are some more pictures:

Luke (top) and Abbey (bottom)

2 of the 4 aunts and the babies!

The Grandparents :)

The proud daddy and his babies :)
(Abbey in his right arm and Luke in his left)

We get to see them again in about an hour. I will continue to update you! Please continue to pray :)



Thursday, March 25, 2010

My last post as a pregnant person


And yet not.

I am at times keenly aware that tomorrow - or in a FEW HOURS really- we will be at the hospital just that much closer to meeting our babies.

And at other times it just feels like a normal day.

I have had a myriad emotions all day today.

I am a little sad this is my last day as a pregnant woman. I really have loved pregnancy. We have been so blessed with a drama free pregnancy, and I don't take that for granted. Last night the babies really put on a show for us! It was so special to just sit and watch them "riverdance" for us =).

I feel nervous. I am not really nervous about the pain -perhaps naively- but instead am struggling a bit with fear. Nervous of all the things that can go wrong. Would you all please lift us up in prayer? Pray that the spirit of fear would not be able to take up any residence in our minds. I have my list of Bible verses I am taking with me tomorrow to arm myself with the Word of God, but would love some prayer as well!

I have felt strange doing normal things today. I woke up at 4:40am and came out to the couch and watched TV for a bit. I watched 4 consecutive episodes of Saved By the Bell (the ones where the gang worked that summer at the resort, with Leah Remini as Zack's love interest Stacy Carosi...anyone remember those? Good times.) I kept thinking...I should be doing something else to "revere" today...but nothing came to me, and it was before the sun was up.

And mainly I feel excited. Tomorrow I will meet my babies...or it could be Saturday I suppose, but you get my point. Tomorrow I will be in labor, and that means my babies are coming! David and I are so very excited to see what they look like...what color hair they have and how much (ultrasounds showed lots of hair!), what color their eyes are, how big they are, if they look like each other... and we are SO excited to hold them in our arms, finally.

God has been so gracious to us. I can not believe we have been so blessed to carry these babies this far.

We know He will be with us tomorrow, and that He will command His angels concerning us.

We are grateful for that too.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, we appreciate them more than I can ever express.

My sister Emily will update the blog when they get here!!

Much love,

Monday, March 22, 2010

A day of rejoicing!

Well today has been just a great day so far!

It's sunny out, for starters, and who doesn't love that?

We had our weekly doctor's appointment today, and all is looking well. My doctor is on vacation on until Thursday, so I saw the same one I did last week. He is really friendly and easy-going and we liked him a lot. He did a quick ultrasound to check on the babies positioning, and they are both still head down (HOORAY!), and looking great! Luke was even practicing his breathing =). The fluid around both of them looked super too, so it appears all is going well.

Thanks be to God!

My bp was still higher than my "normal", but lower than last week, so that's great. I am officially up 42 pounds, and I am feeling it! I just feel so big and out of shape. I vacuumed the house when we got home, and seriously needed a nap after- Ha!

We went over all our instructions for our induction on Friday. It was so surreal. David always gets a kick out of how "all of a sudden" these things become real to me. As we were walking out I kept saying "can you believe we are going to have babies this weekend?!" like it was the first time I had realized it. He's always like "Yes! I can believe it, that's been the plan!". Ha I guess he lives in a little bit more reality than I do =).

We feel good about this plan. If you have any horrible things to say about induction, please keep them to yourself...=). Trust me, before I was pregnant with twins, I had PLENTY of my own thoughts about how things "should" be done. But it's all gone out the window as we pray and trust the Lord and also trust the doctor whom He has provided for us. All we want is healthy babies. Delivery day is not about me and what I hope to glean from the experience. All I want is two healthy babies safely brought into this world. My doctor has said from the beginning that she usually doesn't let twin pregnancies go beyond 38 weeks, simply because they run out of room. At our last growth ultrasound at the beginning of the month, they were both measuring close to 6 pounds, and we have now passed the 37 week mark which means they are considered full term even for singletons.

We do however covet your prayers during this week, as I am sure Satan will try and torment my mind with fears during the wait. Also we appreciate your prayers for the delivery! We will be heading to the hospital at 5am on Friday morning to start pitocin. The doctor said it will most likely be a bit of a slow process to start out with, but that we should have babies within 24 hours.

SOOOOO exciting!!!!

We will finally get to meet our precious babies! Our long awaited babies!!!!



God has been so faithful and so gracious to us.

As I've shared recently with some new friends that have emailed me about their waiting for their babies, my "life verse" over the last year or so has been Romans 15:13

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

That is my prayer, that I may OVERFLOW with hope, and that God would just fill me completely with all joy and peace, and help me to trust in Him.

Afterall, Luke and Abbey are precious to Him as well.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven more days

Crazy huh?

If I don't go into labor before, or need to be induced sooner, then next Friday March 26th, our doctor is going to induce me.

The twins will be one day shy of 38 weeks that day, and that's usually as far as my doctor likes to let twin pregnancies go, simply because they run out of room.

We have a follow up appointment on this coming Monday, and I will be curious to see what my BP is and if that will move things up at all. I am also curious to see if I will go into labor on my own sooner. My contractions are not very often, they just come and go, mostly at night.

We are fine either way.

David and I are getting SO excited to meet these little ones. Last night they were partying so much in my belly that David got out the video camera and captured it. It was so cool to watch! They are getting so big.

It's surreal to sit here and think that I have a maximum of 7 more days left of pregnancy. As excited as I am to meet Luke and Abbey, I really am going to miss pregnancy. It's been so great and I truly have enjoyed it. I feel honored to have been given this gift, and I don't take a minute of it for granted.

But besides getting bigger and more uncomfortable, another thing that's growing is my fears. It's amazing how rapid and fierce they can come on. I don't know if it's just because we are getting so much closer to delivery, or because I am not working any more and my days are at a much slower pace so my mind is more idle, or what. But I find myself often asking the Lord to please take my thoughts captive.

I wrote down a bunch of verses regarding fear and God's strength to have with me during delivery. I am also working on memorizing Psalm 91.

The other night I woke up and found myself afraid. I came out to the couch and prayed and read the Bible. I have posted 1 John 4:16 on my fridge "And so we KNOW and RELY ON the love God has for us...", I kept repeating it over and over.

After awhile I calmed down and felt the Lord's peace wash over me.

I have so many requests right now....requests for a continued safe pregnancy, for a safe delivery of healthy babies, for good, solid employment for David soon, for Tony & Risa's adoption to be completed soon (still need prayers!), for my precious niece's upcoming surgery, for so many dear friends still waiting for their babies...and on and on...

I laid them all at the Lord's feet and then asked Him to be near.

Sometimes if I don't know what to do after I've spoken all my requests, and I still feel uneasy, that's all I can think just beg Him to be near.

I found a comfortable position and just laid there for a bit...soon after my son got the hiccups. Oh what a precious feeling. I just laid there and felt him move, and a minute later, his sister started stirring as well.

I watched them for a bit, and then just laid my hands on my belly and my head back against the arm of the couch, and gave thanks.

Life is good.

God is good.

And I am so thankful we can know and rely on the love He has for us.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(this is actually from Thanksgiving, but I realized I never posted it. Auntie Em and Auntie Natalie showing me, Luke and Abbey some love)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dr's appt and more email woes...

We had our weekly doctor's appt today, and all is well. My BP was elevated again, and higher than before, but apparently not "alarming" yet. My urine testing fine so they are not worried about pre-eclampsia.

I did have to admit that since my BP was back down last week, I eased up a lot on "resting". Nothing serious but I got out of the house a few times and didn't really pay as much attention to staying off my feet as I probably should have.

My doctor was over at the hospital (delivering twins!) so we saw a different one, but he was really nice and reassuring. He did a quick ultrasound just to check the babies' positioning, heartbeats, and fluid levels... all looked great! Thank you Lord!

He said that the odds of one of the babies "flipping" positions at this point is slim, since they are so out of room. That's great news as far as avoiding a c-section.

So now we just hang around and wait. I have a follow up appointment with him next Monday (my doctor is on vacation) and we will see how things are then. He said he will check to see if I am dilated then too.

Crazy to think we are in the home stretch now! We are past our goal of 36 weeks, and I am so much more relaxed about them coming now...getting really excited to meet these sweet babes.

So remember how I mentioned that Comcast deleted our email account when we moved? Well they restored it for an "unknown" amount of time, and it appears that time has run out. I am no longer able to access that account. However, blogger still won't let me default our new Gmail account as the log in for this blog. Why? I don't know. Just to annoy me and raise my BP I am sure. But I was able to change it on my profile under "contact", so hopefully I won't miss anything. If you emailed me recently to the Comcast address, I am sorry...I can't get to it anymore! Please re-send anything to our new address: dklahoffman AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks and sorry!

Happy Monday all =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

29 and 36

Today I am 29 years old and 36 weeks pregnant.

What a fantastic day!!

I think I have told pretty much everyone I have talked to today that the best present I could receive today is carrying these precious babies to 36 weeks.

And I got it =).

Thanks be to God!

I have had such a lovely birthday so far. I have completely given up any normal form of sleeping pattern since I have been off work completely and on "rest". I sleep some at night, some in the late morning, some in just never know! I usually have a hard time sleeping more than a few hours just due to discomfort. You might think this would be frustrating, and believe me if I were working still it totally would be, but since I don't work anymore it really doesn't bother me. If I am wide awake at 2am and can't get back to sleep, I just settle in on the couch and watch TV or a movie or something and think "I guess I will just sleep tomorrow!".

Last night I fell asleep around 1am and woke up shortly after 5am. I came out to the couch and watched a little TV, and then just decided to spend some time with the Lord. It's nice when it's quiet in the morning, the house is still and the sun is just coming up. It was so refreshing to start my day spending quality time with Him. I reflected on the last few birthdays, and thought about how very different this one is. This birthday I am a Momma. Finally =). My sweet, long-awaited babes should be here shortly, and I am so looking forward to meeting them!!

I also spent some time in prayer for those of you still waiting. May God bless you SOON and RICHLY.

I don't know why God chose to bless us when He did or how He did, but I am eternally grateful. I am very grateful for this pregnancy and the gift of these two children.

And I am SO grateful they have stayed in until our goal of 36 weeks!! Thank you SO MUCH for all your prayers!! Any time after today is just gravy for us =).

Here is a picture of what says the twins look like now:

And here is what I look like at 36 weeks:

Momma's getting BIG.


After I went back to sleep this morning and then got up around noon, I got ready and David took me out to lunch. We hopped in the new van (instead of taking Dave's compact car, which would have made more sense...but the new van is just so fun for us!) and headed to Applebee's.

Here we live in a city full and vibrant with all kinds of restaurant choices, but sometimes you just want to know you are going to really like what you order, ya know?

I devoured almost an entire bacon cheeseburger, all my fries, and then before we paid the bill I asked "hey, do you get anything free on your birthday?"

That's right. I have no shame.

Turns out you get a free "dessert shooter", so Dave and I split that.

When it was time to get back into the car I was so full I was actually in pain. I was so uncomfortable! I was making all these extremely unattractive old man noises.

But it's my birthday so my husband has to love me through it.

We came back home and have just been relaxing. Our budget is tight right now, so instead of going out to the movies, we are just renting one. And instead of getting a pedicure (I like to treat myself to one on my birthday usually), my sweet husband is gonna paint my toes for me.

Is that love or what???

29 years old and 36 weeks pregnant.

What a fantastic day.

Thank you, Lord, for my many blessings.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everyone said it would happen...


Once we announced we were having twins, everyone said "you are going to need a bigger car!".

David and I would look at each other and scoff at the idea.

We loved our little compact cars, and we were sure we could make it work.

When we would respond that way, people "in-the-know" would laugh at us, but we didn't care, we'd show them!!

My two books "Juggling Twins" and "The Multiples Manual" both had entire chapters devoted to the need for a mini van or SUV.

I read those to David and we would sit and be smug and guffaw at the thought.

And then we had the car seats installed in the Jetta.

And as you may remember, I laughed so hard I cried, where as David did not find it as amusing as I did.

Either way, we both had to face facts.

This was not gonna work.

My sweet husband is 6'2", and his knees were up to his shoulders. He could not safely drive us anywhere.

So we've spent the last few days running some re-con online looking at cars, trying to decide what would be best for us.

I'll admit, I was gun-shy about biting the mini-van bullet. I just didn't know if I was ready to be...a mini van driver. I was eyeing SUV's mainly. But in the end, the gas mileage most of the time is better in vans, and the smaller SUV's we were looking at only sat 5...and we may want to have more children some day.

A hybrid SUV that sat 7 would have been ideal, but that money tree we planted in the back yard just hasn't produced cash like we thought it would.

So, here you have it....

Our new mini-van.

Thanks to the trade in of my beloved Jetta, and part of our tax return (hooray for the new home-buyers tax credit!) we are now the proud owners of a 2005 Dodge Caravan.

And you know what?

I freakin' love it.

That thing is SUCH a smooth ride.

And SO roomy.

I had to run to the bank today, but I am not supposed to be on my feet much, so I drove miles and miles away to one of our banks that actually had a drive up teller (why are they all inside of grocery stores these days?!). I went up hills and curves and stopped and sped up and ooohhed and aawwed and the way it drives.

Plus check out how adorable the babies' car seats look in there...

And both the drivers seat and passenger seat can be all the way back, with plenty of room for the car seats to be in safely.

And there is ample trunk space for a giant double stroller, with easy access to get in and out of the back.

So... here's to mini-van drivin'.

Monday, March 8, 2010


That was my BP reading today...yippee!! My doctor said "well it appears rest agrees with you".

Indeed Dr.K, indeed.

So we now have an appointment for next Monday to check things out again. I have the same orders to avoid all forms of stress and rest as much as possible, and of course call her if my water breaks or if I have certain symptoms.

We are so happy to have had a "healthy" check up, and grateful it's looking like we will get to our coveted 36 week mark!!

It was a truly surreal this morning to be packing up heading to our doctors. We put the hospital "go bag" in the trunk just in case my BP was super high and she said I needed to be induced this morning. We both were talking last night about how we are as ready as we are ever gonna be...because I mean really, can you ever be FULLY ready to bring babies home?!?

We are both getting so excited to meet these wee ones. David I think even more than me. I am going to be a little sad when this pregnancy is over, it's been so much fun and as much as I can't wait to hold them and kiss them and whisper sweet things in their ears, I think I am going to miss them bumping around inside of me. I love to just sit in our bed at night and watch them play inside my giant belly. I was explaining that to David and said "aren't you going to miss that too?" and he said yes, but for him it's been like staring at a Christmas gift for months. He has "shaken" it and he knows what's inside, and he is so ready to "open it and play!" =).

I had a (very polite) question on my last post about how I intend to keep up with nursing twins, and the answer is....prayer, determination, and the grace of God!!

I honestly am nervous about this. Probably more nervous about breastfeeding than labor!
I just worry about my ability and stamina to meet their constant needs. I so want to breastfeed them exclusively for the first couple months.

I have read books and taken a class on breastfeeding multiples (where we even practiced) and I do not have unrealistic expectations of it being easy. I know it will be very difficult to keep up with TWO babies. Especially if they are small and it is recommended we feed every 2 hours to get their weight up, which is a very likely scenario.

It's something I pray about often, and am hopeful the Lord will grant me the ability and grace to do it.

Also, any advice you all have is welcome! Especially if you have twins =) to take my afternoon nap.

Happy Monday all.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

35 Weeks and some nursery pics

We made it to 35 weeks...thanks be to God.

It feels REALLY good to be this far into the pregnancy, and we are both so curious to see what the doctors says tomorrow. I have behaved myself all week, so I wonder what my blood pressure will be.

Here are my 35 week belly pics:

It cracks me up how much bigger I look in my profile! I am just HUGE when you look at me from the side!!
(Not that I am teeny by any means from the front, but seriously I can eclipse a small car from the side)

And also, here are some pictures of the nursery. I am so pleased with how it came together so fast, seeing as how we moved in 9 days ago!

(Three years ago I would have shuddered at the thought of having non-matching cribs in the same nursery...but now I am just so happy we have babies coming to stay in them, I could not care less!!)

The chair I will probably spend countless hours in nursing =)

The babies little library.

Oh the diapers that will be changed here...=)

the organized side of the closet.

My favorite thing in their nursery. I bought this frame way back in November and have been waiting to have their nursery ready to hang it in. It says "love at first sight", and it has their very first ultrasound picture in it. They were just 6 1/2 weeks then, and we fell completely head over heels in love that day.

So there you have it!

Thanks for all the prayers as we navigate these last few weeks (days? hours?) of our pregnancy, we are so grateful!

Will update after the doctor's tomorrow.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Shower (3rd and final)

Finally getting around to posting pictures of the shower my work threw for me in the end of January.

(Hopefully our babies are procrastinators like me and will stay in for a few more weeks =))

I had Dave take my picture right before I left...

Like how there are boxes packed everywhere, empty bookshelves, and wall art on the floor??? Yeah, me neither. But when you have lived like that for MONTHS you sadly get used to it.

Or you don't and you have weekly meltdowns about it.


My dear friend (& co-worker) Kris hosted the shower at her house.

She and Hillary took care of everything...

(Hillary LOVES the camera )

They had the house all decorated when I showed up, and were just finishing up with the food.

And oh MyLanta the food...

(And before I get any nasty comments, the wine and the cosmo's were obviously not for me. I haven't even had any caffeine or a single drop of alcohol my entire pregnancy, and I clearly would not be drinking alcohol at any point during the baby shower OR any other time during my pregnancy)

Moving on...=)

I work with some AWESOME ladies and I was so happy so many of them were able to come. The place was packed!

(Like how I parked myself right next to the food? Me too.)

We were again blessed with the funnest stuff!

Check out these ADORABLE hats for Luke and Abbey...

I had these two cuties standing by to help me open every present =)...

The group shot:

It was a super fun shower, and again I felt so loved!