Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This little blogging break of mine has been unintentional, but here nonetheless. I hope to get back to it soon...lots of fun pictures to post and memories to document!

Our family is in the middle of a schedule change, which always uproots our routines as we shift days and hours and childcare. It's nothing scary or exciting, simply adjustments which require attention. So, in these times I like to be...available. I try and keep myself free of distractions so that I can help maintain a sense of order and normalcy amidst the threatening chaos. I try and keep our calendar clear of obligations and commitments for a few weeks as we find our new normal. I like to just be home, and free to hug or listen or encourage or help.

Not only to be available to my family, but also to help reduce my stress. Whether I like it or not - and often, I don't - Momma sets so much of the tone for the house. If I'm wigging out, the kids pick up on it and Dave has to deal with it (and by "it", I mean the kids being anxious and the wife freaking out)...so I try and remain as not busy as possible, which means a whole lot less time on the computer, or other distractions.

But I do love blogging. 

So, I'll be back soon =)

Friday, May 10, 2013


Lately Abbey has been eating all the ketchup we will let her. She'd drink it from a straw if allowed.

Lately Luke has been super into hanging out with his Daddy, wanting to be just like him.

Lately Luke has been running and jumping and climbing so often - and so fast - that I have to force myself to remember he once had wickedly crooked feet. No longer.

Lately we've been sllloowwllyy making steps with potty training...letting the kids lead. Abigail is interested and does well, but is by no means "trained". Luke has zero interest, but that's okay. If I know that kid at all, he'll wait until he's sure he can do it. Once he's sure he can master something, he goes for it. Until then, he's always a little skiddish. The kid learned to walk in ONE DAY, so I'm hopeful we'll not have any battles.

Lately we've been eating blueberries. A lot of blueberries. I had to take them away from Luke the other day because I was worried he might get sick!

Lately we've been playing outside the second it's warm enough.

Lately Abbey and Luke have been having so much fun with their imaginations. I'm learning three year olds can be VERY creative, and it's fun to watch their imaginations run wild. 

Lately Abbey has taken to referring to herself as "the kitty". It is far more adorable/less creepy than it sounds. She'll say "But Momma the kitty doesn't want to go to bed" or "the kitty is thirsty, the kitty really wants some apple juice". And occasionally she'll just meow.

Lately our two babies have really, really been playing together. Two newborns was HARD work. Two three year olds is still hard work, but it's really fun having two at the exact same age...lately.

Lately our favorite shows have been Martha Speaks, Doc McStuffins, Curious George, and Justin Time.

 Lately we've been doing an awful lot of somersaults around here. Both kids just learned recently how to do them, and now they're all about it =)

 Lately we've been having picnic lunches and dinners outside.

Lately, I've really enjoyed being a Momma.

Monday, May 6, 2013


I had the best morning with my kids today. 
First of all, Daddy didn't have to leave for work until after 7:00am, which is unheard of around here! So he was still home when Luke woke up and crawled into bed with me to watch cartoons. Love.
Ab's woke up shortly after, and we had a lazy morning in our jammies, drinking coffee (okay that one was just me) and coloring.

We've had AMAZING weather lately. In the Pacific Northwest, Springtime can be a little unpredictable, and I'm sure there is plenty of rain still to come, but today we enjoyed our 75-degrees-at-10:00am morning!

We put on shorts, sunscreen and sunglasses and loaded up the van in search of a new park. 

We found one just two neighborhoods over that we had never explored before...so fun.

Both kiddo's made a mad dash for their latest favorite activity...climbing!

Ab's taking a break to come over and love up on Dory...

Our handsome boy...

Luke took this picture of Sis and I!

 Swinging, climbing, playing, jumping...joy!

It was such a nice morning...one where we ignored ALL the things that need to be done, and just played. I have a friend who says good weather ups here Mothering a full letter grade, and I tend to believe the same is true for me. I just felt so blessed this morning to have my two sweet, healthy babies with me - and our sweet puppy too! - and no where to be but the park, playing in the sunshine.

Life is good.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Zoo day =)

 For the twin's birthday some sweet friends of our family gave us a one year membership to the Zoo!

On Friday Dave was off work and Aunt Mem was in town, so we saw it was gonna be sunny out and made a beeline for the Zoo!

Black bears...

Can you see the baby elephant?


Aunt Mem and the Abs =)

A giraffe...

Checkin' out the penguins...

My boys, havin' a little chat...

So grateful for such a nice (free!) day at the Zoo, and excited about many, many more trips there in the next year!