Monday, May 6, 2013


I had the best morning with my kids today. 
First of all, Daddy didn't have to leave for work until after 7:00am, which is unheard of around here! So he was still home when Luke woke up and crawled into bed with me to watch cartoons. Love.
Ab's woke up shortly after, and we had a lazy morning in our jammies, drinking coffee (okay that one was just me) and coloring.

We've had AMAZING weather lately. In the Pacific Northwest, Springtime can be a little unpredictable, and I'm sure there is plenty of rain still to come, but today we enjoyed our 75-degrees-at-10:00am morning!

We put on shorts, sunscreen and sunglasses and loaded up the van in search of a new park. 

We found one just two neighborhoods over that we had never explored fun.

Both kiddo's made a mad dash for their latest favorite activity...climbing!

Ab's taking a break to come over and love up on Dory...

Our handsome boy...

Luke took this picture of Sis and I!

 Swinging, climbing, playing,!

It was such a nice where we ignored ALL the things that need to be done, and just played. I have a friend who says good weather ups here Mothering a full letter grade, and I tend to believe the same is true for me. I just felt so blessed this morning to have my two sweet, healthy babies with me - and our sweet puppy too! - and no where to be but the park, playing in the sunshine.

Life is good.

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