Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This little blogging break of mine has been unintentional, but here nonetheless. I hope to get back to it soon...lots of fun pictures to post and memories to document!

Our family is in the middle of a schedule change, which always uproots our routines as we shift days and hours and childcare. It's nothing scary or exciting, simply adjustments which require attention. So, in these times I like to be...available. I try and keep myself free of distractions so that I can help maintain a sense of order and normalcy amidst the threatening chaos. I try and keep our calendar clear of obligations and commitments for a few weeks as we find our new normal. I like to just be home, and free to hug or listen or encourage or help.

Not only to be available to my family, but also to help reduce my stress. Whether I like it or not - and often, I don't - Momma sets so much of the tone for the house. If I'm wigging out, the kids pick up on it and Dave has to deal with it (and by "it", I mean the kids being anxious and the wife freaking out)...so I try and remain as not busy as possible, which means a whole lot less time on the computer, or other distractions.

But I do love blogging. 

So, I'll be back soon =)