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Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.
Today we remember what Jesus did for us. What it meant and still means today.
I did a lot of remembering today.
I'm sick. Again. And although I'm not nearly as sick as I was in early February, I still feel congested and exhausted and stuffy and headachy and exhausted and fevery and exhausted.
And I have these two 4 year olds.
Make no mistake, they are adorable, hilarious, beautiful, kind-hearted 4 year olds. But they are still 4 year olds. And they keep needing things. All day long.
And today I could barely take it. They just were incapable of leaving me alone for more than 14 consecutive seconds, and in combination with the sinus pressure I really worried my head might explode.
When lunch was finally over and Quiet Time was about to begin, I felt myself getting more and more desperate for my bed. For some quiet.
Before I left their room, I reminded them that Momma did not feel well, and told them I was going to try and nap while they were in there. I prompted them to recite the Quiet Time rules...stay in our beds, be quiet, don't mess with the curtains...made sure they each had enough books to look through to pass the time if they didn't nap, closed their door, walked the five paces to my bed and crashed on top of it.
I laid there for a minute and listened.
I could hear them in there whispering to each other.
I took a deep breath and prayed they wouldn't require an intervention to be reminded of the rules. I had no patience or discipline left in me.
Can't they just shut up for five minutes?!?!
(Don't judge me. If you're a mother of multiple young ones and never once let your mind think along those lines-congratulations. Your Gold Star is in the mail.)
I closed my eyes and prayed for patience. I prayed for grace.
And it worked...
My mind wandered back to a time in my life where I could rest easily. Where illness was annoying, but recovery came easier. If I didn't want to talk, or fill any snack cups with Goldfish crackers, I didn't have to.
My Pre-Momma life.
Back then if I was sick, I'd call into work, turn off my cell phone, and crawl into bed to sleep until whenever I happened to wake up. Everyone else I lived with was self-sufficient and needed nothing from me.
It sure was easier to be sick back then.
It was much, much quieter.
(And cleaner) 
The quiet.
That's was often very, very quiet around here...I remember...
Oh how I remember the quiet when I'd come home from visiting friends with little ones. Or on Christmas morning, when it was just Dave and I and the pets and we'd hoped that that was gonna be the Christmas we finally had a baby. Or when I'd sit on my living room floor and wrap gifts for another baby shower. Or when I looked down at another negative pregnancy test.
I hated the quiet.
I longed for a crying, messy, fussy, baby to hold.
For years, my heart ached in the quiet.
And one day we learned we were having two babies.
And it's rarely been quiet since.
(or clean)
Today I began to smile as I laid in my bed - exhausted - and listened to my babies whisper to each other in their room. I couldn't make out what they were saying, but I could tell they were having fun together, while still trying to obey the rules.
And my heart swelled.
I'm so grateful for the noise around here, even if it makes a sinus infection harder to handle.
Today I give thanks for so many things in my life.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

The vacation that wasn't.

Back in November I came across a Living Social deal for an overnight at a hotel on the Beach that also had an indoor pool. It was like $60 a night, so I snatched up two of the deals. They didn't expire until the end of February, and I knew we'd have plenty of time in early January while Dave was on break. 
We planned to go the first weekend in January, but when I got home from work on Friday night (with a plan of leaving Saturday morning...) I walked in the door to two feverish kids, one of which puked shortly before bedtime. We decided to postpone our vacation to another weekend. (you'll later learn why this is ironic)

We headed out to the beach on the afternoon of the last Friday in January, excited to spend two fun-filled nights at a hotel. 

As soon as we checked in, we changed into our suits and headed to the pool. Our kids have become such little guppies lately! They love swimming, and thanks to their puddle jumpers they've become pretty independent in the pool.

We swam for a long time, and then headed back to our room for Family Movie Night...

When we woke up the next morning, Dave wasn't feeling well. We had some breakfast, and he rallied so we could all go play on the beach =)

After our beach play, we headed into downtown Seaside to grab lunch and play for a bit...


By the afternoon, David was feeling really poorly. He stayed back in the hotel room while I took the twins to the pool...

That evening, Abbey started coughing and felt like she was getting a fever. I ended up making a late night run to the grocery store for children's Tylenol (which was SO frustrating...I swear this is the one time I've forgotten to pack it, and of course it's the one time it's needed)

She tossed and turned and coughed until around Midnight we finally realized none of us were going to get any sleep this way. Two outta four of us sick and all sharing one room? Nope. So I chugged a Red Bull and loaded up our family to drive us home.

About an hour into our trip, Abbey said she felt sick. About a second later she puked everywhere. All over her carseat and jammies. And we were on a poorly lit highway in the middle of no where.
We stripped her down and used baby wipes to clean her off. Luckily we had our bags of clothes for the weekend with us, so we had something clean to change her into.

We made it home a little after 2am, quickly bathed Abbey, and then we all went to bed.

I thought for sure the kids would sleep until 11am.

I was wrong.

They were up and raring to go by 8am. Well, Abbey was still feeling a little puny, but Luke was up to his usual shenanigans...

In the 15 days that followed, our little family passed around one horrible illness after another.
It was AWFUL.

Like, I can still hardly talk about it awful.

We ALL got really, really sick. And snowed in.
That's right, a random snow and ice storm came during this time as well.
The only bright side was the snow meant Dave and I didn't actually have to pick up the phone to call in sick to work.

Luke got a horrible, nasty cold. Dave had a nasty sinus infection. Abbey had bronchiolitis. I had a double ear infection, pneumonia, and a bruised rib from hacking so hard.


Abbey had to get a chest xray to rule out pneumonia...

...which, Thank God, it wasn't. But her bronchiolitis went on for so long, she finally was RX'd her first antibiotic ever. Six straight days of fever and feeling crummy. Poor thing!

And Luke, bless his heart, our boy smiled even with a mask on ;)

It was probably the sickest I have ever been. And Dave was so sick too. We were both trying to care for our sick children. And occasionally make a meal. And it went on for over 2 weeks.


But. We are all healthy now, and have been for quite some time. And I'm so, so grateful. That's the upside of being really sure appreciate being well again!!

And we're going to schedule a Beach Vacation Do Over for sometime in this Spring, because this one SO does not count.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Pirate Party

On a Saturday in mid-March we hosted Abbey and Luke's 4th birthday party. We were lucky enough to have the option of using the Church again, only this time we decided to use the gym. Our Church hosts an Indoor Playpark once a week for the community, so it's well stocked with fun toys!
We did the food in the entry area to the gym. Decorations included our banner we've used every year ;)

Pinterest was full of fun Pirate Party ideas! I was so happy I was able to make it look pretty festive without spending very much money at all. We had several Jake & the Neverland Pirate toys and gear at our house that I just kind of placed around the tables. Balloons, streamers, tablecloths all from The Dollar Tree. I picked up eye patches and the Pin the Pirate game at Target on clearance. Hooray for thrifty fun ;)
For snacks we did "Fish & Chips", "Shark Bait"...

And my personal favorite, the Hummus Octopus!...

I did splurge on a small pack of Jake & the Neverland Pirate ceiling hangers to brighten the room up a bit ;)
I think because while we have two kids, we only get to throw one party makes me feel the need to spruce it up more than I probably would if we were having two separate parties.

How fun is Grandma Donna? She came in full Pirate attire, complete with a pouch full of Gold Dabloons. By the end of the party, all the party kids were coming up to her and saying "Pirate Grandma, can I have a Gold Dabloon?" Awesome.

Luke and Abbey love their Gaga!

We played a little Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate...


Our 4 year old Pirate...

This party was by far the easiest to throw out of all four of their birthday parties. Having a giant, enclosed room that is full of fun toys and play equipment was totally perfect. The kids just played and played. We took a break for cake and snacks, and then just played some more. Easy Peasy.

We asked the kids if they wanted to be sang to together or separately, and they both said separately. We sang to Luke first.  He was so serious about it...

And Abbey second. She was equally reverent...

So crazy to believe these Monkey's are four years old...

We attempted to get a group shot, but it went poorly about as well as you'd think it would attempting to get sixteen 3-4 year olds together...

Another fun birthday party on the books ;)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Favorites at Four

Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese
Favorite Toy: Silver Surfer, Ironman, Hulk
Favorite Song: ABC & Sail 
Favorite Show: Ninja Turtles &Super Hero Squad 
Favorite Movie: Incredibles (and JackJack Attack) 
Best Friend: Mem  
Favorite thing to do: Play with Hulk   
Favorite color: Blue & Green    
Favorite thing about Daddy: He kisses me 
Favorite thing about Momma: Huggin
Favorite thing about Sister: fightin   (I truly believe he means play fighting/sparring!)
Favorite thing at Preschool: do dinosaurs  
When I grow up I wanna be: a baseball player 
Favorite thing about myself: Skating  
Favorite Lovie: Bear 
Favorite Clothes: My Spiderman clothes  
Favorite vacation: Mt Scott Pool  
Favorite Pajamas: Ninja Turtles  


Favorite Food:  Chicken and Rice
Favorite Toy: My horsey and my bunny
Favorite Song: No one, Glorious, and Heck & Trouble
Favorite Show: Garfield and Curious George
Favorite Movie:  Incredibles
Best Friend:  Isla and Charlotte
Favorite thing to do:  Play with my zoo
Favorite color:  Green and Pink
Favorite thing about Daddy: Hugging
Favorite thing about Momma: Kissin
Favorite thing about Brother/Sister:  Dancing
Favorite thing at Preschool: play with Isla and Charlotte
When I grow up I wanna be: Donut delivery (this stems from a Curious George episode ;) )
Favorite thing about myself:  Playing a puzzle by myself
Lovie: Whitey
Clothes:  my ice cream shirt
Favorite vacation: the hotel
Pajamas:  heart jammies

Friday, March 28, 2014

And now they're four...

Yesterday, our twins turned FOUR YEARS OLD.
I know.
Came up quick, didn't it?
I'm actually not one to say it "flies by", because...well... I don't really feel like it does most the time. But suddenly looking at my Big longer babies, no longer toddlers...I'm feeling like it's been an instant.
We had their party the Saturday prior to their actual birthday, and perhaps some day I'll get around to posting about it, but today I wanted to show you yesterday. Luke and Abbey's actual 4th birthday ;).
Dave and I got up before them and hung streamers and balloons around. They didn't know what to think about that...
We let them open their gifts from us...

(Abigail hugging the little white stuffed bunny we got her. Babygirl LOVES stuffed animals these days)

Then the kids helped me make sprinkle pancakes, a birthday tradition around here...

Ab's sportin' her new SuperGirl jammies!

We lit candles and sang Happy Birthday to each birthday kiddo...

The kids played for a bit and then we got ready to head to lunch at their choice of restaurant. David and I got super lucky, they picked Hopworks. We rarely go out to eat, but when we do it's usually Hopworks. Good food, decent prices, and a kids play area right next to the tables. Everybody wins.

I kept trying to get one of my cherubs to take a picture with me. Luke came over to me, but darted back to the train table before the flash even went off. So Dave took one of me alone...ha!


I had also told the kids they could pick where ever they wanted to go that day.
I should have specified they needed to agree on the same place.
Luke wanted to go the Aquarium, and Abbey to the Zoo.
Of course, right?!?
And David had a convention he needed to attend that afternoon, so I was solo parenting. In the Spirit of Birthdays, I said we'd do both =). (we have memberships to both, so they were both no cost that day)
It was raining a bit at the Zoo, but we had fun!

Our little Ham ;)...

(can you see the tiger in the back there?)

After we'd seen everything we wanted to see at the Zoo, we headed across town to the Aquarium.
The kids loved the touch pool...

Giant eel...


Both kids touched sting rays, and eventually worked up the nerve to touch the baby sharks and puffer fish...

Abbey has never met an animal she doesn't love. She once threw a 7 minute fit because I off handedly told her she could never have a pet squirrel in the house. True story.
So when I asked if she wanted to go in the bird area, she was all over it! 

Luke was much  more hesitant (me too!), and opted to wait for Sister in the climbing area...

Abbey made her way over to join him, checking out the boa constrictor on her way...

They climbed and climbed until I finally told them it was time to head home, at which point Luke announced he'd worked up the nerve to go in the bird cage.
And so he did...

And he loved it!
Happy birthday to our amazing, beautiful, hilarious, intelligent, kind-hearted, thoughtful, crazy, strong, AWESOME kids!!
We love you all the way to the moon and back.