Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Lovin'

I don't think I've ever been happier it's summer.
I LOVE the warmer weather and sunshine, and I'm loving our loose schedule.
The kids had their last day of Preschool on the last day of May.
I can not believe my little babies are DONE with preschool.
I'm so glad they had such a great experience both years. They attended the same school for 5 hours a week for the 3's class (2.5 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and then 9 hours a week this year for 4-5 year old class (3 hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I LOVED their little preschool and so did they. They made friends and learned tons of new things, and gained a little independence away from Mom and Dad.
As much as I do miss that Momma Time to myself each week, I do love that we really have the freedom to do whatever we want with our days nearly every day now! I'm only working 12 hours a week currently, and it's all evenings and weekends. So our days are looking like lazy mornings and fun adventures lately!
(Because five year olds actually sleep in until a decent hour in the mornings! Bless them!!)
We've had pockets of really nice weather, and made great use of our backyard. It may be small, but it gets the job done =).
 (**most of these pictures were taken prior to Luke breaking his arm!**)
And on not-so-great weather days, we've made forts inside to watch movies from.

 Last week we visited OSMI with some of our friends...

These four have such a great time together!

My little baby chipmunk and eagle =)

Abs in the sand pit...

Abbey and T inside a giant snake mouth!

Aunt Mem came to town to celebrate Auntie Natalie's bridal shower. We're always so happy when she stays with us!!

Amanda and Cadence came to visit too! The cousins had so much fun playing together...

LOVING the warm weather...

Making some muffins for breakfast...

We went to Safai Sams (indoor play place) with some of our favorite twin friends...


The twins' favorite fame right now is Trouble. They would play it all day, every day if they could!

Some unicorn riding...

And some more helping Momma bake...

 Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

He's no Superman.

Remember when I wrote this post?
Let's call that foreshadowing.
We officially have our first broken bone around here.
Sunday evening, last week, Dave's parents drove up to take us all out to dinner to celebrate Dave's birthday.

We got home from dinner, and Abbey and Luke changed into superhero costumes and went about saving the World.
 Ya know, business as usual.

The kids were in their bedroom, and we were out in the living room chatting with David's parents, when  suddenly we heard THUD and then LOTS OF CRYING.  Dave bolted into their room, and we learned Luke had attempted to jump off the top bunk, and apparently caught his foot on the guard rail while trying to clear it, and landed hard on the floor on his left arm.
Not awesome.
There were no bones sticking out crazy and zero swelling, so I gave him some Tylenol and snuggled with him until bedtime. He woke up a few times that night saying his arm hurt, so I ended up sleeping on his floor to be available for comfort ;).
The next morning the first thing I did was check his arm for swelling. Zero swelling. Well ok then, must have just injured it. He said it hurt, and he definitely avoided using it, but other than that he seemed normal, so we decided to just continue to keep an eye on it.
Then Monday night I'm at work, and I ran it by one of the pediatricians I work for (I'm so not above pilfering free medical advice) and she said it all sounded good, but could he bear weight on it? Like do a bear crawl? I called Dave at home to have him watch Luke try.
Turns out he could not.
He just collapsed any time he tried.
So I had a small (and by small I mean huge) breakdown that I'd let my baby sit with a broken arm for over 24 hours. I felt horrible about it.
Tuesday morning we called his doctor first thing and got an appointment. She sent us for xrays and before the radiologist could even read them, she could see an obvious break.
(buckle fracture deformity of the distal radial diaphyseal region)
She put a soft cast on Luke, and set us up to see an Orthopedist 10days post fracture.
He totally dug the cast, said it was like something IronMan would wear =).
And it didn't slow him down AT ALL...

Then today we went to the orthopedist and got a hard cast. He picked blue, and it's WATERPROOF. Hello swimming pools!!!
I'm so stoked about that part! No 5 year old wants to spend the summer having to stay out of the water!

We go back in two weeks to have it checked again, and may need to do another round of casting, but then we *should* be done.
And we've had several discussions about not jumping off the top bunk.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spring 2015 Wrap-Up

It's officially June, and I'm bound and determined to get this blog updated a bit before we head into another Season and I have even more pictures and things I want to document!
We're moving soon, and I'm thinking we'll start a new blog that time, and then I'll begin the process of getting what I want from this blog printed into a book. It's a sometimes daunting project to think about, but really, I know it will be so fun to go back and look at pictures and read stories about my life from years ago.
I know I'll love it =).
So, here is a long, picture heavy, recap of our Spring =)
Grammie and Bopbop got us tons of new art supplies for the twins' birthday, and we've been having a great time experimenting with them!

Dave and I got a date day in a one point. Like, a whole DAY. We hired our teenage niece to babysit for like 7 hours, and we went to lunch, ran a few errands, and saw a movie. It was really fun!

Dave teaching Abs how to make Deviled Eggs. (Abbey prefers her jammies to be mis-matched whenever possible. True story.)

We spent a lot of time working on our ninja moves...

On May 1st, David and I celebrated 11 years of marriage! He got me these beautiful flowers...gerber daisies, just like in our wedding =).
I took the kids to Papa and Gaga's for the night on Friday, and Dave and I went out for dinner and had a nice night to ourselves. (It's SO WEIRD to be in our house without our kids!!) Crazy to think we're working on our second decade of's strange how at times it can feel like it was just a year or two ago that we got married, yet, at the same time, I really don't remember life without David very well! I'm so thankful we got to celebrate another anniversary.

One of my favorite spots to go when the weather is good is this local park. They have a play structure, swings, a hiking path, and a little pond with ducks. Idyllic. 

We've spent a lot of time at home as well, just hanging around...

Outside fun with our new bubble machine and a sprinkler...

Abbey happy to still be up when Daddy got home from a late work event...

We had *first* over here recently...the kids went on separate play dates. Abbey went to a preschool friend's house, and Luke had a preschool buddy over here to play.
Our kids are apart a decent amount (for twins, that is,) but had yet to have had a playdate without the other being there as well.
Abbey's friend invited her over, and Abbey said she was ready, and that she would be fine.
We're growing up.
(Her, because she was ready for this independence, and Me, because I let her =) )
Luke and I took his friend home, and then picked up Abbey. They were happy to see each other and caught each other up on how their respective play dates went. And that was that.

We went bowling with some of our besties...

More hanging around...

And back to our favorite park...

The kids all broke out into a spontaneous Conga Line...

We got to doggy sit for our favorite pug...

 Zoo day with some of our favorites!

Abbey lining up all her lovies for a photo...

Luke assisting with pancake making...

 The kids had their Spring Program at Preschool recently. So precious. It's all of ten minutes, and the kids just sing songs with hand motions. But I seriously love all ten minutes of it.
They are just so darn cute.
Love my people...