Sunday, September 30, 2012

Then & Now

June 2011

September 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Summer Shenanigans

Yes, I'm well aware it's actually Fall now. 

In fact, we took our first trip of the Season to the Pumpkin Patch today! But I figured for memory keepsakes, I needed to catch up on a few summer posts before I recorded our Fall memories =).

One weekend when Aunt Mem was here, she and I took the twins to Playdate PDX. It's a HUGE indoor play structure, that's like three stories high, and each story is over six feet, so adults can climb around in it too...and climb we did! All four of us were sweaty and exhausted by the time we left there!

 Abbeygirl and Auntie Mem had a blast going down the 3 story slide!

 This was a little techno dance floor thing that lit up as you danced around on it. A little Baby Rave, if you will...

There was also this huge castle-like area with air guns and nerf balls that you could shoot across to another set of castles. 
OR, you could pelt your big sister directly in the face, like Emily did to me. Not that I'm still bitter or anything. Really.

More climbing...

We had so much fun that I ended up buying a 10 visit play pass. Looking back to going again soon!

Then a few weeks later, Auntie Natalie and I took the kids to Oaks Amusement Park. I had heard through my Mom's Group that they were hosting "Toddler Tuesdays" all throughout the summer, where it was $6.50 per kid (adults free!) for unlimited rides, and then at the end of the morning they held a story time with milk and cookies. Sounded like too much fun to miss out on, so we went over to check it out!

This was Luke and Abbey's first time on a carousel, and they LOVED it.  I swear, Luke could have just ridden this the whole time and would have been perfectly content!

Auntie Natalie is just SO MUCH FUN!!!

 Train ride!

 This had me cracking up. Sis kept saying she wanted to ride the motorcycles. I knew she would barely be able to reach, but she was insistent. So this was her expression the entire time the ride went around and around. Trying to hold on for dear life, while still attempting a smile to prove she was having fun.

 Since our kids had never really been on rides like this before, I had no idea how they'd do. It was all toddlers there that day, and only the "little kid" rides were running, but strap your precious babies into these rides, and then walk away to the other side of the fence. I had no idea if they'd freak out when the rides started and I'd be standing there, trying to convince the ride operator to please stop the ride early... but they did great! They were a little unsure each time a new ride started, but then they'd get all into it and be smiling and laughing by the time the ride stopped. I was so proud!

We'll be doing that again next summer for sure!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our weekend in pictures...

 Friday we got to meet up with our sweet friends how moved away last month. Abbey was SO happy to see Baby Avery again!!

Then Friday night we went to dinner at some wonderful friends house. Chris and Cindy cooked us a delicious feast, and then let our toddlers dress up their puppies...

...and play in their crate...

We did our best to play outside, and enjoy the last of the summer weather...

 Howdy, Partner...

 I think that's pretty much it.
Oh wait, one more thing.

Today, we got a DOG.

Meet Dory, our newest family member...

...cauz life had just started to settle down a little too much...=)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Park Play!



 "Let's go Sister!"

Double the fun!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Hot-Air-Balloon Momma, perhaps?

Kelly wrote this post about being a Helicopter Mom.

I get it. 

I have Helicopter tendencies too.

Sometimes I am self conscious about them.

Other times, I feel that God gave me this protective desire for my babies.

And really, aren't we supposed to be looking out for them while they are young and small?

I don't entertain my children constantly while we are together. They know how to play independently from me.  And while we're home, they're pretty (okay fairly) good at it. 

But when we are out and about, isn't it my job to watch over them?

Like yesterday, when I took them grocery shopping at New Seasons with me, and they didn't have any two-seater grocery carts...aren't I the one responsible for the two toddlers I have in tow? If they are pulling pears down from the produce shelf, I need to know about it.

And I can call to mind a (small) handful of playdates where I'm exhausted after because I've been babysitting all the kids while other mom's sit and chat and enjoy each others company, clueless as to if their child needs to use the bathroom, is being frightened  by a yelling big kid in the play tunnel, or is -God forbid- running out the door and into traffic. 

When we are on a playdate, my kids are still my responsibility. It's my job as their Momma to make sure they are safe. To make sure some big kid -or toddler being a toddler- isn't hitting them. OR - lest you think I believe my kids are perfect- one of my kids hitting someone else's kid! 

I know I can not always protect them from getting hurt, physically or emotionally.  It's not even so much about that. It's about the fact that they are 2 and a half years old, which is still young. It still requires supervision.

But how much? I really don't know. 

I'm wondering if a Hot-Air-Balloon Momma, one who floats by, a peaceful presence near but not too close, is more of what I should be aiming for.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

I told you all we had planned a easy-going Labor Day weekend, and it was everything I'd hoped for. Friday night and Saturday I was still in a decent amount of pain, and therefor taking my pain meds. Man those sure make me one Nice Momma! haha.

Sunday and Monday we stilled laid pretty low, but we managed to squeeze in some family fun as well...

Riding bikes at the park...

Daddy finally found a place where he can get some peace and quiet! 
(well, that and he got the roof and gutters all cleaned =0 )

 Some good ol' fashioned backyard playing...

Some Auntie Lovin'...

Out to breakfast with two of our favorite Aunties!!!

Fun playdates at our house...

Yep, we finished out our official summer well =).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Slumber Party!!

Last month, we got together for a wild and crazy slumber party with some of our very favorite people. They have since moved a couple hours away (sniff, sniff...) and so we decided to seize the chance to squeeze in some good old fashioned chaos fun before they left.

L&A and L&A. That's right. Two sets of twins. Only three months apart.  

Double the Trouble, squared. 

 A slumber party is not complete without popcorn and a movie in our jammies!

The next morning the Quads were super excited to reunite after a good nights sleep...
(yes, we dressed the girls alike. We simply can't help ourselves.)

After breakfast and copious amounts of coffee for the adults that stated up way too late talking uninterrupted, we headed to the park!

We even got to play in the little creek...

We love you Thorson Family!! We miss you already!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


August was a busy month for our family. We had a ton of fun, as well as several events that were less than awesome. 
Towards the end of the month, Dave and I looked at each other and had to acknowledge that chaos appeared to be reigning supreme in our home.

So, earlier this week, we made the decision to hit the Reset Button this weekend, in an attempt to reset the tone in our home. We made a conscious effort to make near-zero plans.

I had yet another procedure on my neck/back yesterday...

(see those 3 red spots on my neck? That's where the doctor injected needles in an attempt to do a nerve block. Needles. In my neck. Not awesome. The purple writing on my shoulder is where he wrote down the exact spots to inject after viewing them with imaging and diagnosing the correct spots of injury. )

Although the procedure itself sucked, the discharge instructions included the phrasing "take it easy for the next several days", which has allowed us a guilt free reason to take it easy as a family this weekend. We're playing outside in the yard, staying up past bedtime to watch movies and eat popcorn, doing a little yard work (okay, that part is just David), eating a big family pancake brunch, sleeping in (okay, that part is just me), walking to the park, and playing in our living room. 

It's only Saturday, and I can already feel the tone being reset around here, and I'm so grateful.

Happy Labor Day weekend to all of you!