Thursday, June 25, 2015

He's no Superman.

Remember when I wrote this post?
Let's call that foreshadowing.
We officially have our first broken bone around here.
Sunday evening, last week, Dave's parents drove up to take us all out to dinner to celebrate Dave's birthday.

We got home from dinner, and Abbey and Luke changed into superhero costumes and went about saving the World.
 Ya know, business as usual.

The kids were in their bedroom, and we were out in the living room chatting with David's parents, when  suddenly we heard THUD and then LOTS OF CRYING.  Dave bolted into their room, and we learned Luke had attempted to jump off the top bunk, and apparently caught his foot on the guard rail while trying to clear it, and landed hard on the floor on his left arm.
Not awesome.
There were no bones sticking out crazy and zero swelling, so I gave him some Tylenol and snuggled with him until bedtime. He woke up a few times that night saying his arm hurt, so I ended up sleeping on his floor to be available for comfort ;).
The next morning the first thing I did was check his arm for swelling. Zero swelling. Well ok then, must have just injured it. He said it hurt, and he definitely avoided using it, but other than that he seemed normal, so we decided to just continue to keep an eye on it.
Then Monday night I'm at work, and I ran it by one of the pediatricians I work for (I'm so not above pilfering free medical advice) and she said it all sounded good, but could he bear weight on it? Like do a bear crawl? I called Dave at home to have him watch Luke try.
Turns out he could not.
He just collapsed any time he tried.
So I had a small (and by small I mean huge) breakdown that I'd let my baby sit with a broken arm for over 24 hours. I felt horrible about it.
Tuesday morning we called his doctor first thing and got an appointment. She sent us for xrays and before the radiologist could even read them, she could see an obvious break.
(buckle fracture deformity of the distal radial diaphyseal region)
She put a soft cast on Luke, and set us up to see an Orthopedist 10days post fracture.
He totally dug the cast, said it was like something IronMan would wear =).
And it didn't slow him down AT ALL...

Then today we went to the orthopedist and got a hard cast. He picked blue, and it's WATERPROOF. Hello swimming pools!!!
I'm so stoked about that part! No 5 year old wants to spend the summer having to stay out of the water!

We go back in two weeks to have it checked again, and may need to do another round of casting, but then we *should* be done.
And we've had several discussions about not jumping off the top bunk.

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Aunt Carol said...

Man, he made it until he was FIVE before breaking a bone! That may be a record for an active little boy. Glad he's doing well (as in, not even noticing he has a broken arm). Glad this is one time he and Abbey didn't try the same thing.

Aunt Carol