Thursday, August 6, 2015

KuWAIT for it...

So. We're moving to Kuwait.
Yes, Kuwait the country, not like Kuwait, Alabama or something.
We're moving in like two weeks.
15 days to be exact.
David has an opportunity to teach at an American University over there, and it's one we just can't pass up. 
The chance to travel and see so much of the World??? Awesome. We'll be so close to so many cool vacation destinations. (I super can't wait to visit Greece!)
The main reasons we're doing this are financial (the college pays ALL of our living expenses) and it's a great move for Dave's career.
But there are so many other reasons as well.
I've long thought the World would be a better place if everyone had experienced being a minority at some point in their life, and I'm pleased we're getting the chance to allow Abbey and Luke the experience.
And I want to teach them that our "home" is wherever we are together.
And I want to teach them not to get attached to too much of their "stuff". We can have fun anywhere, being creative.
(But never fear, we're totally packing and shipping a ton of their toys)
And we want to do this while they're old enough to carry/pull their own bags, and not need naps anymore, but before they get not wanting to leave their friends, their teammates, etc.
So. More to come.
I want to finish up some summer memories on this ol' blog, and then will likely start a new one as we start this new adventure =).


Katie said...

OMG!! How exciting! What a great opportunity for your family.

Anonymous said...

I grew up living in other countries- best experience. Your family will enjoy every minute. Made our family stronger and we lean on each other for so many things because there were times it was only us. Best of luck! Enjoy the adventure!