Sunday, March 7, 2010

35 Weeks and some nursery pics

We made it to 35 weeks...thanks be to God.

It feels REALLY good to be this far into the pregnancy, and we are both so curious to see what the doctors says tomorrow. I have behaved myself all week, so I wonder what my blood pressure will be.

Here are my 35 week belly pics:

It cracks me up how much bigger I look in my profile! I am just HUGE when you look at me from the side!!
(Not that I am teeny by any means from the front, but seriously I can eclipse a small car from the side)

And also, here are some pictures of the nursery. I am so pleased with how it came together so fast, seeing as how we moved in 9 days ago!

(Three years ago I would have shuddered at the thought of having non-matching cribs in the same nursery...but now I am just so happy we have babies coming to stay in them, I could not care less!!)

The chair I will probably spend countless hours in nursing =)

The babies little library.

Oh the diapers that will be changed here...=)

the organized side of the closet.

My favorite thing in their nursery. I bought this frame way back in November and have been waiting to have their nursery ready to hang it in. It says "love at first sight", and it has their very first ultrasound picture in it. They were just 6 1/2 weeks then, and we fell completely head over heels in love that day.

So there you have it!

Thanks for all the prayers as we navigate these last few weeks (days? hours?) of our pregnancy, we are so grateful!

Will update after the doctor's tomorrow.


~*Katie*~ said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady!!!

Lori said...

I would have never noticed that the cribs don't match! At least they are both white. The nursery looks so fabulous! So adorable. I love how there names are displayed above the cribs. I cannot believe that you got all that done since you have just moved! Are you sure you're taking it easy! :)

I cannot wait to hear about how your appointment goes tomorrow! And you look nothing like a small car!!! You look stunning!

Vanessa's Dad said...

I'm undone. "love at first sight," indeed. U R blessed. Your Twinadoes are blessed. The love you and David have for your unborn babies is visually expressed in the nursery/home you have worked so long and hard to create for them.

I'm reminded of the Scripture in the New Testament where Jesus says that he goes to prepare a place for us in Heaven. Children are a gift from God. You've come to prepare a place for them... Heaven on earth.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just randomly found your blog tonight and it caught my attention seeing your title b/c I just gave birth to a sweet baby boy! I have a question for you though, but you do NOT have to answer it cause well it is a bit personal,here it is though: you said something a/b spending countless hrs in that chair breastfeeding and I was just wondering how you plan on bfing both your babies? I`m not doubting that it can be done!I really am just 100 percent curious b/c I`m bfing my son and it takes a lot out of me just keeping him fed. Cute nursery! God bless you and your babies!

Faith said...

So exciting to see your nursery coming together and two sweet cribs in that room. Wow!! You are looking great. Can't wait to see those sweeties!!

Kelly said...

I love the nursery and you look wonderful!

Heather said...

LOVE the nursery!!!! Their bedding is so cute and I just smile at the thought of you nursing those sweet babies and changing their diapers in their room!!! Let me just tell will be just as wonderful and sweet and emotional as you have thought and prayed for all these months. God is so good! Praying for a good Dr. report!!

Sarah said...

Congrats on keeping those babies safe and growing to 35 weeks!!!

One totally uninvited :) piece of advice for your little nursing nook -- get a portable dvd player and huge water bottle (I'd usually use 1L) and keep them within reach, looks like they'd go nicely on the bookshelf. Having a dvd (usually some tv series because they were short) at the ready made it SO much easier to get myself up in the middle of the night to nurse the little guy. Kept doing that until it became a distraction for Alex at 7 months... Some people can read while nursing but I could never manage that so used the endless hours to indulge in as much tv-watching as possible. :)

Mary said...

Aww Kendra I love it!

I also love that now you're not working, you post more! :-)

Praying for good news at the doctor tomorrow, and that you can go til 36 weeks!!

(my word verification is beating...makes me think of those 2 perfect beating hearts in your belly:-)

Family of 5 said...

Nursery looks so cute! Great colors! I never noticed the cribs didn't match either!
You look amazing and keep staying off your much as you can...praying for ya!

Jennifer said...

Love the nursery! I cannot wait to meet those precious angels. Praying for a good report tomorrow. You look amazing by the way!!!

Jenna said...

Oh Kendra, I am just SO STINKIN EXCITED for you guys!!! I think I've said that every single time that you've posted since you announced your pregnancy, but it is so true. I just couldn't be more thrilled for you! I cannot wait to see Abbey and Luke in your arms!

Ann said...

Hi! Randomly found your blog, Tiffany, Ledford, etc. I love your bedrooms. My dream is to have boy/girl twins, so it is just too sweet.

I am also curious about the Abbey. We have an Abby (Abigail). Is Abbey short for Abigail?? And I love the name Lucas!