Thursday, March 11, 2010

Everyone said it would happen...


Once we announced we were having twins, everyone said "you are going to need a bigger car!".

David and I would look at each other and scoff at the idea.

We loved our little compact cars, and we were sure we could make it work.

When we would respond that way, people "in-the-know" would laugh at us, but we didn't care, we'd show them!!

My two books "Juggling Twins" and "The Multiples Manual" both had entire chapters devoted to the need for a mini van or SUV.

I read those to David and we would sit and be smug and guffaw at the thought.

And then we had the car seats installed in the Jetta.

And as you may remember, I laughed so hard I cried, where as David did not find it as amusing as I did.

Either way, we both had to face facts.

This was not gonna work.

My sweet husband is 6'2", and his knees were up to his shoulders. He could not safely drive us anywhere.

So we've spent the last few days running some re-con online looking at cars, trying to decide what would be best for us.

I'll admit, I was gun-shy about biting the mini-van bullet. I just didn't know if I was ready to be...a mini van driver. I was eyeing SUV's mainly. But in the end, the gas mileage most of the time is better in vans, and the smaller SUV's we were looking at only sat 5...and we may want to have more children some day.

A hybrid SUV that sat 7 would have been ideal, but that money tree we planted in the back yard just hasn't produced cash like we thought it would.

So, here you have it....

Our new mini-van.

Thanks to the trade in of my beloved Jetta, and part of our tax return (hooray for the new home-buyers tax credit!) we are now the proud owners of a 2005 Dodge Caravan.

And you know what?

I freakin' love it.

That thing is SUCH a smooth ride.

And SO roomy.

I had to run to the bank today, but I am not supposed to be on my feet much, so I drove miles and miles away to one of our banks that actually had a drive up teller (why are they all inside of grocery stores these days?!). I went up hills and curves and stopped and sped up and ooohhed and aawwed and the way it drives.

Plus check out how adorable the babies' car seats look in there...

And both the drivers seat and passenger seat can be all the way back, with plenty of room for the car seats to be in safely.

And there is ample trunk space for a giant double stroller, with easy access to get in and out of the back.

So... here's to mini-van drivin'.


Amanda said...

Yay!!! Our's is a 2005 too, just a Honda. I'm with you, I put it off until we absolutely had to. (Something about becoming a family of seven overnight made that necessary!) and now I can't imagine driving anything else! It's wonderful. SO happy Luke and Abbey (and Mommy and Daddy) will be riding home from the hospital in comfort :)

Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Love it! And the fact that you will be carrying your precious miracle babies makes it even sweeter!

Mary said...

Love it! I miss having a bigger vehicle!! (we have a honda civic and a pontiac vibe)....

Just remember to put the handles down on the carseats once babies are in there, in the car :-)

Jennifer said...

So much braver than me! I don't think I could break down and be a minivan mamma...ha!
So glad ya'll found the right vehicle and I know all about not being able to sit in the front seat. I still have to sit in the backseat with Bryson because there is NO room for me up front!!!

nbrown said...

This blog takes me back to early high school, when Craig and I would go cruising around town in his mom's minivan. It was so cool that he had his license, we didn't even CARE that it meant we were in the caravan. :) Then, he got his sleek new honda civic and we took it for a test drive... and kept commenting on how it didn't drive nearly as smooth as the van. haha.

Lianna Knight said...

So cute!!! I can't wait to see BABIES in those carseats now :)

Faith said...

Congratulations!!! You are going to love having all the room. We have a Town and Country and have really enjoyed it the past few years but, as you know, are SO ready to fill it up with babies ;-)

Heather said...

Awesome!!!! I love it! Have a great weekend--You made it to 36 weeks!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!! :)

Jenna said...

You crack me up! Looks like you are all set and just waiting, waiting, waiting!!

Lori said...

Ha! i had to laugh at this post! I am still imagining you guys scrunched up in the little car!

This van is very nice!! I am sure you will not regret this choice!!

it sounds like you are feeling great!!

Family of 5 said...

Yah to joining the Mommy club, driving up in your mini-van! :) It's great! Now...just waiting for those adorable little ones to join you guys! I keep anxiously checking your blog...thinking any day now! :)
And truthfully I want a mini-van, we have a SUV aka GAS HOG...and sometimes I feel guilty for driving around so much b/c of all the gas it uses! So cheers to mini-vans! :)

The Writer Chic said...

Can you believe how real this is getting!!!!???? Eeek! Yea! I'm so excited for you, and your van. And your twinkies!!! Call me soon. I really want to catch up before our lives are turned wonderfully upside down with three newborns.

Amy said...

How exciting to see the two baby carseats in your back seat!
Thanks for your comment on my blog--it was nice to hear from you! Praying for a smooth delivery for you and your two little angels!

Vanessa's Dad said...

It's perfect.