Friday, April 8, 2011

12 months

I know. They are technically "one year". But I have days now and then where I am not quite ready to acknowledge that fact, and today is one of those days. I promise though, I will not be someone who refers to my 4 year olds as "48 months"...ha!

There have been lots of changes this month as we officially make the cross over from Babyhood to Toddlerhood. I'm still nursing, but we introduced whole milk as well. They weren't huge fans of it, but they did drink it. I don't know if they'll ever chug the stuff, but that's ok with me. They do drink some, and they also LOVE yogurt and cheese, so I know they are getting enough of calcium and vitamin D.

We've also started to offer the binkie less. (Word of warning - I have NO interest in debating when is the "right" time to take away binkies.) We are in no hurry around here. Our kids like their binkies, and we are ok with that for now. But, we've started to ask them to leave them in their cribs when they wake up in the morning and from naps, and so far they seem fine with that. They are still welcome in the car and we still strap them on when we are out and about as well. And earlier this week Luke was not feeling well, so we had binks laying around most the day if they so desired - which he did most the day.

Both Luke and Abbey are now in convertible carseats. Rear facing, and will be staying that way for another year. I'll admit, I was sad to see the infant carseats go. They were so handy - ya know, given that they had carrying handles - and it also means we had to say goodbye to our trusty duo snap and go. I'll miss you old friend, you got us through some tough times. But the babies seem happy in their new seats, and I'm sure they love having more room and being up higher to look out the windows.

Their cognitive development has just exploded recently. Their understanding and comprehension of things we say to them or ask of them is amazing us every day!

Another change occurring -that is not our doing- is a real decrease in appetite. Both kids just seem to be eating less at mealtime. I had been a little worried about it, since both kids are still on the smaller side, but at their one year check up, our doctor reminded me that at this age that is TOTALLY normal. Never again in their lifetime will they grow as rapidly as they did this last year. Duh. As soon as she reminded me of this, I remembered that I've read this fact at least two times in my book. I swear, motherhood has completely diminished my short term memory. It's like a new form of dementia. Momentia, maybe. I digress. Dr. M reminded us it's important not to push the babies to eat more than they seem willing to, as we need to teach them to listen to when their bellies say they are full. This eased my mind greatly and was a good reminder.

At 12 months:
-Both still wearing size 3 diaper, although Luke is ready for size4
-Eating 3 meals a day, and usually 2 snacks
-Tried peanut butter, both love it.
-Both going to bed around 7:00pm
-Still taking two naps a day (and Momma is hoping this sticks around for awhile!) One at about 9:00am, and the other at about 2:00pm. Both for +/- an hour.
-Both cruising around one-handed on furniture
-Both sign "more" and "nurse"

Luke -
Weight: 21 lbs (? %)
Height: 30.6 Inches (70%)
Head Circumference: (92%)

Weight: 17.88 (6%)
Height: 28.75 (35%)
Head Circumference: (99%)

Sweet Abbeygirl, you are just such a delight. Your smile is electric...
You are SO silly. And such a ham. You love to make Daddy and I laugh! You will duck down behind the coffee table and then pop up quickly with the biggest grin on your face =). You love to entertain and are quick to show off your skills. When we say "where's Abbey?" you cover your eyes, wait for a few seconds, then remove your hands with gusto to reveal a giant grin. You love to blow kisses and wave bye-bye. You can sign "nurse" and "more" and you just beam when we praise you for it. It's so cute.

You also love water, and you have so much fun in the bath. Your adventurous little spirit really shines in the tub as you knock down towers of bath toys and splash around wildly=)

You LOVE books. One of your favorite things to do is go sit by the bookshelf in the living room or in your room and just flip through book after book...

And along with books, you also really love music (see video below). You will often camp out next to the radio on your house and press a button, dance to the song, and the minute it stops (or sometimes before =) ) you press another button to hear a different song. When we were in Church on Sunday I kept you and Luke in the service for the beginning part so you guys could hear the worship music, and you just stood on Daddy's equipment counter (he runs the sound) and swayed to the were loving it!
You also love rhymes and silly songs, especially if they have hand motions or finger plays. You have loved those since you were about 4 months old =). Your favorite is The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

You are still wearing mostly 9 months clothes - even some 6-9 month stuff!- but we've moved on to 12 month footed jammies because you were growing too long for the others.

When you wear shoes, you are in a size 3, although they're still a little big.

You continually impress us with your crawling speed!

Your favorite toy is pretty much still whatever your brother is playing with =), but we are working on this. You are better about backing off with a warning, and also throwing smaller fits when we make you give back whatever you stole from him.

You really mastered standing unassisted within a matter of days, and have taken 10+ steps!

Action shot...mid step!

You've got 4 teeth on the top and are working on your 4th on the bottom.

You are a great little eater! Always willing to try anything and *so far* not very picky. Your favorites are mac and cheese, yogurt, peas, Kix cereal, yogurt pancakes, blueberry muffins, bananas, chicken nuggets, cinnamon raisin bagels, and your very favorite food is pineapple. You would eat pineapple all day long if we let you! You are the daintiest little eater there ever was, and hardly need to be washed after meals!

You are a barrel of joy, and nothing makes your Daddy and I happier than seeing you loving life...

You are a pretty good little sleeper for the most part, although you often try and start your day around 5am, or before. Sometimes you'll take to Daddy coming in and comforting you, and you'll go back to sleep for a little bit, but sometimes you are just AWAKE and that's that. I will say that twice this week you have slept until 6:40am, and it's been glorious!

You love your little melodies soother that Auntie Nessa got you, and you are often standing up and playing with it when we go in and get you in the morning or after nap.

You sleep with a blankie and a lovie, although you really aren't particularly attached to either.

A few times recently Daddy and I have watched you play "catch" with yourself for long periods of time. You'll bounce a ball, watch it roll until it stops, then go chase it down. Repeat over and over again. It's so cute to watch!

Daddy and I were just talking last night about how passionate you are, sweet girl. You have a zest for life that we both admire. You get SO excited about things, and have so much fun doing the things you enjoy.
Of course, with this passion, we often see a flair for the dramatic. You have given yourself countless marks on your forehead from theatrically throwing your hands and face to the ground when you don't get your way. Meryl Streep would be proud.

You are such a pretty little thing!
Your hair is finally getting longer, but only in random places, like the back and straight down the middle. It's still not growing much longer on the sides. But I do my best to sweep it to the side and let's face it, you're cute no matter what your hair looks like...=)

We love you sweet girl! We are so proud to call you our daughter.

My sweet Lukey, what a happy boy you are! Even though a few of those one year old tantrums I read about have reared their ugly head, they are still pretty quick and mild... so far. You just have an easy going, smiley disposition about you. We often hear you singing a happy little tune to yourself as you play, and you return smiles quicker than anyone I've ever met. Your eyes light up when you grin, and it just slays me.

You've also mastered the pout. And ohhhhh this momma's in trouble, because it pretty much breaks my heart. Your bottom lip comes out, your eyes look down, and your brows furrow...and I have to fight hard to hold my ground! Luckily you can't read this, so hopefully you'll never know that I'm really about 2 seconds away from giving in!

You have been reaching for your Daddy more and more these days, even when you are on my lap. You love it most when he carries you on his hip all around the house while he goes about his business. You are SO curious, and you love to take it all in. Daddy and I laughed out loud when the doctor asked us at your check up if you are pointing at things. Um, yes. All the time. All day long. You point, and we tell you the name of whatever it is you are pointing at. Then you immediately point to something else. Over and over and over again! =)

You looovvvee to give kisses, a lot of the time unprompted...

You are mostly in 12 month clothes, although we also have a handful of 18 month stuff you fit into. You are in a size 3 shoe, but it's a little big still.

You are becoming a little bit pickier eater. You will shake your head and turn away from us when we offer you new things. It takes some coaxing, but most of the time - albeit begrudgingly- you will take a bite. Your favorites are yogurt, cheese, blueberry muffins, green beans, peaches, pineapple, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Ritz crackers, and your very favorite is mac and cheese...mine too =)

You LOVE doing anything Big Boys (like Daddy) do...
You have been the best little sleeper lately. Man oh man it seems like you've inherited your Momma's love of sleep. You never give us any fuss when going down for naps or bedtime. In fact, sometimes you ask for it. You'll come over to us and lay your head down on us, and we'll ask you if you want to go to sleep and you'll grunt or wave your hand to let us know yes. You go to bed around 6:45pm-7:00pm each night, and have been known many times to sleep until 7:30am!! Glory Glory, Hallelujah! You have been a pretty good little napper too. You love your crib and are so happy in there. Sometimes we'll go in to check on you and you'll be just laying in there, playing with your lovie and blankie. We joke that you probably are just enjoying the alone time where Sis can't steal your toys =).

You are still very attached to your bear lovie at naptimes and bedtime.

You are just the happiest little one year old I've ever seen!

You gave us a scare earlier this week (well, me really, Daddy is the calm one, if you hadn't noticed) when you spent a few days with a pretty constant fever that at one point spiked to 104.2. We called the doctor right away, and she said as long as you were still taking fluids (which you were) and not acting listless (which you weren't), then to just stay on top of the Ibuprofen and watch you closely. You were still a sweet cuddly little guy even when you were fussy.

Recently Daddy took you to your one year appointment at the orthopedist for your clubfoot check up. The doctor said your feet look FABULOUS and he was very pleased with them. He still wants you to wear your braces when you sleep for up to another year just to confirm the correction and make sure the feet don't turn back in. Luckily you are so used to sleeping with the braces on, this news doesn't phase you in the slightest =).

And oh, so handsome!
I know I've said it every single month, but we can hardly take you anywhere without people commenting on how long your eye lashes are!

And these cheeks that I just want to munch on!
You love to have something small in your hands while you move about. Like a chapstick container, for example. You just love that you can grip it in it's entirety and you will carry it around with you all over the house.

Your favorite toys are stacking blocks and balls. And anything you can bang together =). You absolutely love opening and closing doors, cupboards, and drawers!

You are SUCH a curious, busy little guy, always wanting to explore......which has gotten you in trouble a time or two (or twenty). You KNOW you aren't supposed to go back behind the arm of this couch, yet time and time again you make your way over there, ever so slowly, flirting with us the entire time.

You are working on getting in 3 new top teeth right now.
You have a silly new trick lately - you run your tongue across your upper lip back and forth. You do it while you move around and play, and it just might be the most adorable thing we've ever seen! Even Sis wants to play your new game!

You are so silly sometimes! And nothing makes you act sillier than when we laugh at you. You love to crack us up, and then your adorable belly laugh makes us laugh even harder!

We love you so much, baby boy. We couldn't be happier God chose us to be your parents!

Oh, and before I forget, you both LOVE music. It has a Pavlovian effect on you both...

One year old is SUCH a fun age, and we are really enjoying playing with you two and watching you interact with each other as you explore the world. These last 12 months have been a lot of work, and were often exhausted, but we truly wouldn't change a thing. We are so blessed to have you two in our lives.

We just love you both SO much!



Jen S. said...

What a sweet, sweet post Kendra!
Luke and Abbey are such beautiful kids!! It was so fun reading all about them and what's new with them.

You all make the most beautiful family.

Please give both those awesome kids of yours a great big hug from me!!

Thinking of you :)

Lori said...

Kendra! OH MY! Are they already one! Happy Birthday sweet babies!! They are just so precious, and wow walking soon! I look back at the last year you had with them and cant believe how much they have changed and grown! I am looking forward to the next year with our little one!

nbrown said...

I'm so glad you posted the dancing video. I've been wanting to record the exact same thing for the past two weeks but (gasp) haven't been to your house. I love it!

Lauren said...

They are too cute. And the way they dance in the EXACT same way in that video is hilarious.

Amanda said...

Thanks so much for posting all this wonderful little tidbits about my beautiful niece and handsome nephew. It's helps me get to know them better even though I live so far away. Much love, Amanda

Vanessa's Dad said...

Loved the 12 month blog, especially the video's. The Tongue Talk is the beginning of a lifetime of dialogue. The Rockin' to Tunes is just precious. I love Tunes, too.

U R blessed. Glad Luke is feeling better, and such a good sleeper. You are raising happy Kiddo's.


Once Upon A Time said...

Your milestone posts are fantastic. I've always loved reading them. I am expecially impressed at the time it must take you to write so much, so well. Luke and Abbey will cherish the words when they are older.