Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ramblings of a woman up way (WAY!!) past her bedtime...

- Did you all hear that Michelle Duggar had a late term miscarriage? So sad. My heart just broke when I saw that today. They were going in for a routine appointment to find out if they were having a boy or a girl. Regardless of the thoughts or feelings of her perhaps being "too old" or their having too many children already - this woman needs prayer. I've been where she is at...back home after a tragic doctors appointment... still in your maternity pants...knowing that the baby inside of you is no longer alive...wondering how long it will be before your body realizes it... I spent a week that way. Worst week of my life.

On to lighter things.

- I came across this recipe a few weeks ago and decided to try them.
Big. Mistake.
They are probably the best cookie I've ever tasted. I've made them 4 times since. (the diet is going well, thank you for asking)

- Remember how I claimed to be oh-so-on-top-of-things this year in the Christmas card department? Yeah. Well. We had a family picture taken before Thanksgiving, (see! I was planning ahead!!) but the photographer took forever and two days to get us the image. It just came in the mail yesterday. I'll order them this weekend, they'll get shipped here, I'll address and stuff them...and they'll arrive in our friend's and families mail boxes like Dec 24th. Oh well, still before Christmas.

- Hanging in our master bedroom are my maternity photo and a newborn shot of Lucas and one of Abigail. I was staring at them the other night, as I often do, and found myself focusing on this picture...

...and remembering that moment. And then laughing out loud.
That is Abbeygirl curled up in my arms. I remember my emotions as this moment was captured...she had FINALLY settled down after a mammoth freak out. I remember feeling so distressed because I couldn't calm her down. They were barely 3 weeks old, and I felt like the worst mother ever because I didn't have that Snow White effect on my babies (ya know, where she's so calming that wild birds land on her shoulder?). I remember in that moment staring down at my daughter and fearing she might never properly attach to me.
If you know us at all, you know why this memory is now amusing to me.
Baby Girl LOVES her Momma. Thanks be to God.

- I'm so happy it's Christmas time. I just LOVE this time of year. We've been playing Christmas music nearly non stop around here, and I just don't seem to tire of it!

- Luke has been super into dramatic play lately. We love it. It's pretty dang adorable to watch. He'll take an empty cup, go over to the fridge, hold it up to where the water dispenser is (which he can reach, but thankfully it has a "lock" feature), hold his cup there for a minute, and then take a "sip" of his pretend drink. Sometimes he'll bring it around and offer sips to the rest of us. This morning he "spilled it" and went to get a dish towel to wipe it up with. So cute.

- Speaking of dish towels, I was in the kitchen making lunch the other day when one of my sweet cherubs came over to the oven, grabbed the (clean) dish towel hanging from the handle, wiped their runny nose on it, hung it back up, and ran back into the living room.
I had no idea they used that towel as a kleenex. We use it to dry our clean hands.

- Okay SERIOUSLY I've got to go to bed now. It's tomorrow already. Night All.


Aunt Carol said...

I loved this blog. A delightful mixture. And I copied the cookie recipe to try. More calories -- just what I need at this time of year. Maybe I'll hold off until January to actually try it. Thanks.

Jen S. said...

Hi Kendra--
My heart just sank when I heard on the news that Michelle Duggar had a miscarriage. I too have been in the Drs. office only to hear that awful news myself....worst feeling in the world as you know. I feel so bad for her (and her family).

On a much lighter note...your stories about the kids just crack me up. Especially the dish towel story. That is SO FUNNY!

And please get me started on those cookies!! I've been on a sweets kick lately. Usually I don't eat many sweets, but lately OH MY! Maybe it's just this time of year. I don't know, but let me just say that the food I'm consuming lately hasn't been the most healthy! I made the mistake and bought a big box of those yummy petit fours from Hickory Farms. Those little cakes lasted maybe 48 hours in my house...then they were GONE! The cookies you made sure do look good! MMMMM!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Vanessa's Dad said...

Ahh the joys of parenthood.

I'm usually quite healthy. Yet, I've had lots of colds this season. Could there be any connection with the fact that I'm involved in the children's program at BSF? Could the little petrie dishes be infecting their beloved leader? Could the sweet twins use your dish towel as a snot rag? Yep, yep. And, they're kids will, too. :)

GRAND DAD (Ah choo!)

The Mrs.! said...

I am thankful to see compassion for Michelle. What a difficult situation that deserves serious prayers of comfort. :)