Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A photo session with two toddlers

Sweet as my babies are, they are at a stage where sitting/standing still to pose for photos is not high on the want-to-do list.

I forgot to grab photos of Abbey and Luke in their Christmas outfits on Christmas Eve, so they wore them again to Church on New Years Day. I had high hopes of documenting their precious outfits and even more precious smiles as they stood together, arm in arm, perfectly still, beaming at me.

Instead, we got this:

No halo's and arm links, but still pretty precious!!


Jennifer said...

This is the story of our lives! Ha :)

I adore their outfits and I can't believe how much they are growing.

Happy New Year to Y'all!!!

Lauren said...

Wow, what a height difference between the two of them!

The Writer Chic said...

Just keepin' in real, Mom. ;)

the name's emily. said...

My favorite is the second one, bahaha.

Vanessa's Dad said...

Great set up.

I remember some family photo's, trying to get FIVE kids to smile, or at least not do something photographically disastrous.

There's always a best shot, but there may not be any very good shots.

Cinema verite.


Aunt Carol said...

What delightful pix!

Laura said...

O.k I can totally see what Abby is thinking with the looks on her face! Luke totally does not seem interested in it at all....typical man.