Wednesday, March 7, 2012

For the love of Luke

It seems like several of my posts recently have revolved around Abbeygirl, so I thought I'd do a little post dedicated to the Mister.

Where to begin? Here: I adore that boy.

I am sure every Momma thinks this about their son, but I swear he is the smartest, sweetest, funniest little boy in the world!

He is so sensitive. I feel like his ability to empathize is great for being barely two years old. He is the first to line up to give kisses when anyone has an owie. He is also prone to giving unprompted kisses, and hugs too.

98% of the time he is very sweet to Sister. Sure, he's been known to get angry at her or jealous, but even though he's got like 5 pounds on her, he is never rough with her. If she takes something from him, he'll either make known his displeasure in a non-physical way, or often even just let her have it =).

Most of the time he refers to himself as "La-ler" (brother). He knows his name is Luke, and he will answer to Luke, but whenever referencing himself, it's La-ler. Earlier this week, after accomplishing a difficult task, he threw one arm up in jubilation and exclaimed "LA-LER DID IT!!"

We can hardly take him anywhere with out someone commenting on how much he looks like his Daddy...

He has had a serious verbal explosion lately, and he is dead-on with adult like inflection and tone. The other night at bedtime, David asked him if he was done with his milk, to which he replied "not yet", then took a side-long glance at his sippy cup and added "almost".

He LOVES to be a helper. He will drop just about anything to help Daddy or I, or anyone else for that matter with a task. I love that quality =).

He's been doing this really funny wide-eyed expression lately...he knows he's funny =)

He loves, loves, LOVES all things transportation. He can hear a helicopter or airplane a good 30 seconds before any of the rest of us do. He loves firetrucks, and is insistent that firetrucks and ambulances always go together.

(his two favorite articles of clothing: his firetruck jacket and his boots)

He is the most observant kid EVER. I was making eggs for breakfast the other morning, and he wanted to help, so I let him try and sprinkle the salt and pepper...he picked up the salt, held it over the pan, and tapped it gently with his finger to make the salt come out sparingly. Neither one of us had showed him this, he just had watched us do it.

This picture quality is pretty dark, but it makes me laugh...check out the expression on Luke's face! Luke is All Boy in so many ways, but he's not real big on getting his hands messy. This was our first attempt with finger paints:

He is also pretty logical, and we are able to reason with him a decent amount. I feel like he has a pretty impressive comprehension of logic for a two year old, so much so that when he does end up in a tantrum over something, I have to remind myself to be patient, because he is in fact only two!

Up until just recently, he's been able to strike the perfect balance between being super-curious, and yet cautious-enough. He seems to know his limits pretty well. There is a park right down the street, and it's only been the last few visits there that he's started to make us nervous on the giant climbing structure. He's been exploring it since he was able to walk and climb, but he's always been cautious. Now he's getting a little too brave for Momma =).

And lastly, this boy is a total Ladies Man. He especially loves his aunties...

Lucas, you are one loved little man!!!


Jen S. said...

What a special, sweet, very cute little boy Luke is! :) Loved reading all about him!

Julia said...

Love that picture in his boots and jacket! :)

You know, I've had other friends talk about the connection they have with their sons---it sounds very special.

What a sweet little boy you have there, Kendra! :)

nbrown said...

For reals. I laughed out loud when I read so many parts of this post - having just left your house only an hour ago. Luke is so sweet and sensitive. Abbey was having kind of a rough morning and would start to cry over little things, and every time Luke would come running over to me to inform me "Shishter crying." His obsession with airplanes and helicopters is SO endearing. And I was on the receiving end of two unprompted "owie" kisses today. Love that boy. He's my main man. :)

Vanessa's Dad said...

I can "hear" David in Luke's conversation and voice inflection and non-verbal facial expression.


Sarah said...

He is adorable!