Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm curious...

The other night we were drifting off to sleep, when David mentioned how warm he was (while sleeping in next to nothing) and then laughed and commented about how I was probably perfectly comfortable in my pants, shirts, socks, and two blankets on top.

He was dead on...except for the socks.

Normally that would be a accurate guess, as for the first 6 years of our marriage I never went to sleep without socks on. Ever. Even in the heat of summer, I had to have socks on. 

But pregnancy changed that. Even though I was big-pregnant over the winter months, I still found myself able to sleep without socks for the first time in my life. And I've been able to ever since.

Also- I never used to be able to sleep with my hair up. I had to have it down. Now? It's quite the opposite. I absolutely can not sleep with my hair down.

I'm sure there's more, but it got me curious...what about you? Anyone else have any about-faces that happened as a result of pregnancy?


Lauren said...

I used to sleep with a lot more clothes on until I got pregnant the first time. Sweat pants, socks, slippers, long sleeved shirt, and hoodie - often with the hood actually ON. I never went back to the whole "wearing a hoodie to bed" thing.

Also, I was always a back sleeper, never side or stomach, and all during my pregnancy I couldn't WAIT to sleep on my back again. But once I gave birth I was never able to fall asleep on my back again! Even though I had almost 2 full years between pregnancies, I never did get used to sleeping on my back again, so I've been a consistent side-sleeper since summer of 2009, despite how badly I wanted to go back to being a side sleeper.

Jen S. said...

I couldn't agree more about certain things changing!
There's no way I can fall asleep now with socks on, I just can't!
Also, when I was pregnant with Jeven, my nurse told me to try sleeping on my left side (I'm not totally sure why, but I think she said something about it helping with better circulation on that side). Well, ever since then I can only fall asleep on my left side!
Crazy how things change, huh?!
I hope you guys have a great weekend! :)

Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

It's been a long time (almost 34 years). For me it was NEVER TAKING AN UNINTERRUPTED NIGHT OF SLEEP FOR GRANTED.
love, mom

Stephanie said...

I still sleep the same way, but my taste buds have completely changed since I started having babies. I used to hate ranch dressing, until I started craving it when I was pregnant with Asher. Now I really like it.

This is not an intentional change, but my hair is also very different since I started having babies. Curly har runs in my family, and in high school I had mostly curly hair. With each pregnancy my hair has gotten a little straighter, so that now, when people see my children's curls, they always ask where they got them.

Strange how things change with pregnancy, isn't it?

Lisa S said...

I used to always sleep in a t-shirt and shorts/sweatpants. Towards the end of my twin pregnancy, I was uncomfortable in anything with a waist band (I even bought a night gown!!). Now, I can't sleep with anything on the lower half.