Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

This year marked our 4th as a family of 4. The first one, we were still in the zombie-like-haze that is parenting Newborn Twins.

The second one, we hosted a small gathering at our house with some family and friends, and our little ones were still pretty little and not so into fireworks.

This year we just hung around the house. We are puppy sitting this week for some friends, and it's our first Independence Day with Dory, so we wanted to be home in case either dog had a hard time with all the firework noise.

Daddy grilled us up the tastiest dinner ever. He's a grill master, and the twins love helping him set up...

It doesn't get dark until about 10pm here these days, and there was no way Abbey and Luke were staying up that late - both because I honestly didn't believe they would be able stay awake that late, and also because even if they could, I didn't want them to, knowing they would still wake up at the same time the next day, only with Demon Possessed overtired personalities.  

We started with Sparklers, always a fan favorite...



Then the kids and I took our seats so Daddy could put on a show 
 for us!

 Luke started getting really nervous when the fireworks started making loud noises, and spitting sparks further distances, so he and I went inside to watch from the kitchen window =).

Once inside, he said "thanks Momma, I feel much better in here!" 
Bless his little heart. 

Abbey however was enthralled with the whole display! She could not get enough and was up on her feet saying "let's do the next one!" as soon as the last one had stopped. 

Here's my two brave firework buddies =)

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

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Vanessa's Dad said...

Very fun Fourth. I like the way you remember the way your family has celebrated the Fourth.

I think Natalie has done that, too. Nice to be aware of your life and how it's progressing.

We could do that with Xmas and New Years Eve, etc.