Sunday, September 8, 2013

First day of "school" pics =)

School is in quotes above because really, it's only two mornings a week, for 2.5 hours. 

And it's not even really Pre-Kindergarden, as it's for 3 year olds. Pre-K is usually considered for 4-5 year olds.

But it's the first day we've packed up and headed to a classroom to be taught by a teacher. 

So it counts =).

Here are the obligatory First Day pictures...

Yes, yes you can see my reflection in the front door window, making crazy faces in an attempt to get them to smile.
(they were excited about school, but not so excited about being forced to pose and smile)

And if you're wondering why their bags are A:not backpacks and B:so giant, it's because the teacher specifically requested each child bring "a large tote bag", so there you have it. I am assuming that means they'll be coming home with some big, fun crafts throughout the year!

I went back and forth earlier this year on whether or not to enroll them in Preschool this Fall. Part of me was really hesitant...they are only toddlers once, and they have a lifetime of school ahead of them.
 While there are great things about school (no matter what form you participate in; public, private, charter or home), in any fashion it still means schedules and homework and academic expectations and responsibilities.
Were they too young for that?
Was I rushing them into the beginning of these types of days?
Was I pushing them out of "the nest" too young?

Back and forth I went.

I saw this article on Facebook this week, and it sums up pretty perfectly how I feel about early (early) childhood schooling pressures. I just don't really sweat the academics at three years old. I mean, yes, we work on letters, numbers, and colors. I want to challenge their minds and teach them a love of learning. 
More than my desire to see them excel academically is my desire to see them excel as whole people. 

I finally came around to deciding that for us - for Luke and Abbey- a 3's class would be a great experience.  While we've made sure they've had lots of social experience for the last two years (via church nursery, playgroups, my Mom's of Multiples group, or just out and about) a school-like setting could be a new beneficial social setting to experience. 
(and I say the "last two years" because their first year we basically tried just tried to survive =) )

I think it's good for them to learn to listen and obey other adults, good for them to interact with their peers, and good to set the tone that learning & school are fun =).

I researched a bunch of local preschools, and finally settled on one at a little church a few blocks away. It met all my criteria (safe, small, short days/hours, etc) and so my sister Natalie and I took the kids to visit there in the Spring. Both kids seemed to love it, so we signed them up! 

And before we knew it, it was Open House day!

  (yes, Luke insisted he bring his slippers)

 We learned where we'll hang our bags each morning...

Where the drinking fountains are...

And where the potties are (no pics of that, I'm only so picture crazy)

And then Abbey and Luke jumped right in to exploring...

They loved the open house, and we're so excited to come back the next day for their first official day of "school!"

They did great at drop off, and when I came back 2.5 hours later to pick them up, they were happy to see me and excited to tell me about their first day. Their teacher said they did great!

Abbey reported to me: "Momma, it was so much fun and no mean kids hit us!" 

Not sure exactly what she had anticipated for her first day of school. 

Luke said: "I liked going outside!" 

Big surprise there.

And thus begins our very first School Year.

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The Writer Chic said...

Yea!!! It's a big step, no matter what the specifics. My "first day of school, kinder edition" goes up tomorrow. You'll blink, K, and it'll be your 2. Savor these years. I know you do! xoxo