Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cousin fun!

My older sister Amanda and her sweet family are in town!!

This was Luke and Abbey's first time meeting their little cousin, Baby Awesome (foster baby, name and pics are protected ;) ). We met up in the Zoo parking lot, and everybody became fast buddies ;). I love that our kids have so many fun cousins on both sides of the family. I grew up in a big family (four siblings) but I only have two cousins. And although they're awesome ( ;) ), they lived in another state and so we didn't get to be around each other all that often.
Although Amanda's family lives in another state as well, we get to see them yearly!

All the kiddos in awe of the sea lion...

Keegs did his best to keep up with the Big Kids...;)

Our Zoo is building a new and improved area for the elephants, and it cracked me up how long our kids stood up there and watched the construction. A Zoo full of animals, and we're all watching a backhoe.

All of us!!! (we were so blessed Auntie Natalie took the day off work to join us!)


After a long, hot morning at the Zoo, everyone went to their respective homes/hotels for naps. Ahhhh....naps. So delightful when the twins actually sleep during quiet time, and I do too ;)

Later that evening Amanda and Noah dropped their kids at our house for a Cousin Pajama Dance Party so they could go out on a dinner date. This little cutie quickly made himself at home...

We had some dinner...

...and a dance party...

The next day the twins and I went to their hotel for some cousin swimming fun!

We've had so much fun with them already, and can't wait to see what kinds of adventure next week holds!!

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