Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Grandma Brown

In the week between Christmas and New Years, my grandmother passed away.
Grandma Brown - Verna - was my Dad's mom.
During my childhood and early adult years, she and my Grandpa lived about 4 hours away, and so we visited them a few times a year.
I have such fond memories of the way my Grandma would make those trips special...the tiny, fun, tasty cereal boxes she'd always get for us top the list for sure.

I was blessed enough to get to spend some time with her in the hospital the night before she passed.
There was my grandmother, literally on her death bed, smiling. And laughing, when she could. And even making the occasional joke!

As I left that evening, I told her what I believe to be true about her life...she was leaving behind a legacy of Love.
She and my grandfather were married throughout his being deployed, serving in the war, raising three children, and until death did them part in 2004.
What a committed couple.
And they had three amazing, loving children, who have all grown into wonderful adults...two of them now grandparents themselves.
 Here are some pictures of my Grandma Brown, meeting my babies for the first time...(June of 2010)...

One of the main reasons I've kept this blog going was because of her faithful reading and appreciation.
When we went to visit her a few year back at her retirement home, she dutifully took us down to the lobby to show us the communal computer, and showed us how she'd had my Dad put all our blogs (my sisters and I have all kept blogs at one point or another) in the "favorites" tab so she could easily locate them.
Before it became too challenging for her to write letters, she used to read my blog and then send me letters with her comments to my posts.
I will always treasure her love and dedication to my little family.
I will miss her here to be sure, but I'm grateful she believed in Jesus, and I will see her again someday.


Aunt Carol said...

Thank you, Kendra, for the blog posting and for your visit with my mom. What you said to her meant so much to her and to me. It was such a fitting goodbye.

Love, Aunt Carol

Vanessa's Dad said...

Awww... So, sweet. You had some special times in Grants Pass, and I treasure the stories you told me about the night you stayed, unexpectedly, as a rest stop on the way to visit Tara. Your last visit was a precious and joy-filled "good-bye."