Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tae Kwon Do!

Last month the kids have been taking Tae Kwon Do class at a local community center.
If you haven't picked up on it yet, I'm in love with these little classes! This particular one was $15 (per kid) for six classes. They're really well taught, and our kids get a taste of some activity to gauge their interest without breaking the bank.
I'll be honest: I'm really hoping Martial Arts is something they want to do for a long time. I love how it teaches self control, discipline, and strength.
All good things =).
The instructor for these classes was so great. Each class he would talk about how even the best students make mistakes, and how and when are appropriate times to use their Tae Kwon Do moves. He held their attention well, and was very firm but still incredibly positive.
(Luke on the right end of the back row, yellow shirt. Abbey on the right end of the front row, pink sweatshirt)

At the end of each class, the lead instructor would pick two or three kids as "Star Students", he was clear to explain (each and every week...which this over-sensitive soul appreciated ;) ) that each student did really well and he was proud of them, and that all he expected was that they try their best. He explained that this award was just for who he noticed did a particularly fantastic job keeping their eye on the teacher.
He also said that before the six classes were over, each student would receive one.
Well...Abbey was recognized her first week!! We were so proud of her!!

She got to select which color headband she wanted, and received a paper award ;)
Luke was a little down that he didn't get an award that first week, but to his credit, he really tried to be happy for his sister.
(it just came out later that evening when he puddled over something was one of those "there is wayyyy more to this story" kind of meltdowns)
But, such is life. You can't win all the time, and you have to *try* and be happy for those who do.
Abbey was positively beaming as the other kids in the class came up to check out her headband and congratulate her! And good for her. She earned it She was a model student.

Looking pretty proud in our kitchen after class...

The next week,  Abbey got another award. I'm telling you, that girl obeyed when she heard the instructor say the best students have their eyes on the teacher. BabyGirl was not distracted even once.
Luke didn't seem to mind at all that time, thank God, and seemed genuinely happy for his twin.
Bless his little heart.
Finally, at week three, Luke got his award! 

Abbey was positively thrilled for her brother.
I love love love how she is waving to him here...

We took this class with some of our twin friends, and it was particularly fun week three because one of our buddies was awarded at the same time!

Luke picked a green headband.

 He was so happy.
And both my kids finally had their headbands, and were therefor (self-declared, mind you) "Real Ninjas now", so my life was pretty complete.
I mean, check out these fierce moves...

Proud boy showing off his award and headband...

And show us how you bow...


Aunt Carol said...

This was such fun to see and read. Way to go, Luke and Abbey!

Vanessa's Dad said...

So cool that you've found an activity that both Luke and Abbey can enjoy, which teaches discipline. Movement is so good for our bodies. Sweet that they want the best for each other.


Linda Lee Brown Ayers said...

Great fun. You are doing an amazing job of raising this kids with great self esteem and care for each other. Competition of this sort is something those of us who had kids one at a time haven't had to deal with.
When Vanessa and Emily were doing swim team at Illahee there were 2 sets of identical twins on the team. One twin of each family was a far stronger swimmer but I was always impressed with how they other one tried his best and seemed happy for the winner.

The Writer Chic said...

Love it! They are growing into beautiful little mini-Hoffmans.

Amanda said...

What a great class! And they both seem to love it. Those are great skills to learn. And sometimes it's just easier when they are reinforced outside the home. "Wow someone else is telling me I need to act this way just like Mom and Dad are always telling me...." I wonder if I could get Cadence to take Tae Kwon Do. Great pictures. I hope they continue to take it as well.