Friday, February 20, 2009

Can anybody help a sista out?

**UPDATE- Fixed it!!!! Thank you!!!!! I would love to say that it was a huge, complicated problem, that was the fault of a computer glitch....but the truth is it was happening because of a setting that yours truly had unknowingly selected. So just remember this next time I send out a plea for help across the World Wide Web, don't forget who you are dealing with here people =)

Any blog/internet aficionado's out there???? For some reason when I pull up my blog at work, or when my grandmother pulls it up at the computer her retirement community has, it just shows a really dark brown background.
I have tried multiple backgrounds, and they all have the same result.
I am speculating it has something to do with the web browser or something at my work (and Gma's computer)???? I have Firefox at home, and I have tried loading a new background under both Firefox and Internet Explorer...again, same result.
The weird thing is, when I pull up other people's blogs from work, even if it doesn't display their background properly (which it rarely does), it goes white instead of dark brown.
Does anyone know what I am doing differently? Does anyone know how to make my background color appear light instead of dark brown if the cute background isn't going to show up?????

If anyone out there knows how to fix this, or has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!!

Thank you!!


Emily said...

Is it just a solid brown background?

That is weird. I am betting its her web browser... but then again I am not sure cause I had a friend using Firefox same as me and her text was red and my computer showed her text as purple... maybe theres a bug on the internet going around.. lol!

Good luck finding out the problem.

P.S. Try going to a plain template for a day or two and see if it changes on her screen... then try a new background.

Amanda said...

No advice sorry, I just have to say that although your new background is very cute, both Nessa and I were talking on the phone yesterday about how it's very hard to read with the new brown background.

I set Grandma up with a Google account that includes Google Reader so everyone's blogs get automatically sent to her account just the photos and the text so the background is plain white. Hopefully Dad and Ann can help her figure out how to use the account and that should allievate some of the problem.

Lacy said...

Wish I could help but I am so clueless about this blog stuff!! I hope someone out there can help!

♥Mrs. V said...

I am rather clueless about it but mine is like that too. From here to work, my blog looks totally different.

Phyllis said...

Yea on getting it fixed. My philosophy is "THE IMPOSSIBLE JUST TAKES A LITTLE LONGER"!

Unfortunately, computers are only as smart as the people programming and/or using them! Pretty scary, huh?

......And your blog is MUCH easier to read since the "fix".

MiMi said...

I wish I could help you, but I'm afraid I am a clueless about this blog stuff. I hope that you find out how to fix it soon. I know it must be frustrating for you!

Have a blessed Sunday!