Thursday, February 12, 2009

"That's What She Said" (Part Two)

Perhaps we will see Holly again tonight??
After last weeks episode, a conversation ensued between David, Tony, Risa and I about the possible return of Holly. The speculation began...
Dave and Tony are speculating that when Michael sees Holly again, she will want to get back together. And they will get back together.

I am thinkin' that's a little boring.

My guess is there has to be drama of some sort...maybe Holly will be married or something? Maybe she will totally reject Michael when she sees him? Maybe she will be pregnant like Karen was???? Probably not that last one...but you get where I am going with this. I just don't think their reuniting will be simple.

We presented our cases to each other, but neither side would bend. I am quite sure I will be proven the victor tonight, and Tony and David were standing firm that they will be. I can't remember which side Risa was on... but she's one smart cookie so I'm pretty sure she agreed with me =)

Dave and I bet each other $5, which is quite ridiculous when you think about, because we share a bank account. It's mainly betting bragging rights.

Anyone else have any other possible scenarios?


Lacy said...

I am thinking that she will probably be married of have a bf or something...I agree that there WILL be DRAMA because, hello, it's the Office! :) Can't wait to see tonight!

Faith said...

I have no doubt they will make it interesting! There will be some sort of drama for sure, and I can't wait to find out!

Risa said...

So Holly has been with someone!!!
I was being indecisive, but I'm glad I chose your side! ;)

Now I wonder if Pam told the truth...
She knows Michael well enough to tell him what he wants to hear (which she has done many times before).

Anyway, it was fun hanging out with you guys. Thursdays are the best!

Vanessa's Dad said...

I've been attending a series called, "Men's Fraternity" at a church in Stayton on Tuesday mornings (at 6:00 a.m.!) This part of the program has been on Men in the workplace. They've been opening often with scene's from The Office. The last one was "butt-slapping" and it was hilarious.


:) said...

I don't watch the Office, but I am definitely going to start watching it now! How could I have missed out on it for this long? It must be one good show :) I'll find out when it's on, and give it a whirl.

Emily said...

I LOVE The Office. Last weeks show was so good. Poor Michael.