Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I know what you are thinking.

What an incredibly thought-provoking and original title for today's post.

Just call me Kendra the Creative.

But I figured it was better than "Ugh", which is my current mood, or "All Over the Place", which is what this post will most likely end of being!

This week is filled with incredibly fun things...and yet my mood is blah.

Anybody out there relating?

It's almost as if my body overheard my conversations with my doctors about a possible hormone imbalance, and in retaliation they said "Pshaw! I will show you imbalance!"

As far as the incredibly fun things...

Last night my very best friend flew into town. We haven't seen each other in 3 years, which is far too long. After work today I am picking her up from her grandparents house and we get to spend the next couple days together. We were like two peas in a pod in high school, and we have one of those great friendships where you can go weeks without talking, and yet pick up right where you left off the last time. It's such a blessing! Tomorrow will be filled with sleeping in, coffee, pedicures, shopping, and lots and lots of catching up.

There is just something about hanging out with someone who has known you since "way back when" that is both comforting, like an old shoe (I mean that in a good way Tara!) and also makes you strangely aware of how far you've different you are now...both in the good and the not so good.

And then Friday & Saturday, my sweet friend Julie and I are going with my Women's Biblestudy group to see this lady:

...and seeing as how pretty much anytime Beth Moore opens her mouth, she speaks to me in such a way that makes me just long to sit at His feet for awhile and marvel in His awesome wonder, I know it will just be an amazing 2 days.

And satan knows I will no doubt be blessed this weekend, so he is doing is darnedest to convince me that all I really want to do is stay in bed 24/7 with the covers pulled over my head.


Moving on...

My sweet bloggy friends Lori and Kelly both nominated me for this lovely award this week:

Rules of The Sisterhood Award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude and/or gratitude.

3. Be sure to link to your nominees in your post.

4. Let your nominees know they have received the award by leaving them a comment on their blog.

5. Be sure to link this post to the person who nominated you for the award.

Ah, Sisterhood. What a great word! Not to get all "It's-an-honor-just-to-be-nominated" on you here, but it really made me smile (and two times over! Thanks girls!!). What a blessing blogging has been to me! For so many reasons, but the biggest one at this time is the friends and support I have gathered while waging the uncertain waters of infertility.

Oh, what a dreadful word.

It has been the hardest, most defeating, self-esteem destructing thing I have ever dealt with in my life, and it probably would have eaten me alive at this point if it weren't for the amazing outlet that blogging is, and the friends I have made here. And so to know that in turn I can be or have been of ANY help to anyone else suffering this path as well -even if it just be to weather the journey along side them- well, it means a lot.

So without further ado, here are my 10:











And I am doing this on my lunch break and in a hurry so there is probably like 20 other names I could mention if I had the time...Every single blog on my sidebar brings me joy, peace, strength, inspiration, encouragement, a reality check or a good laugh in one way or another, and I am so grateful for it.

Happy Wednesday all.

Now how's that for All Over The Place??


Amanda said...

Little Sister, you make me laugh! Sorry your hormones are making you feel crazy. Sounds like a perfect time for Tara to come to town. Please give her a hug for me! You two have an awesome time together catching eachother up and just enjoying being in person together. See, I'm lame and lacking in creativity too today. Congratulations on your award nomination! Have a blast at the conference!

Heather said...

Oh, Kendra, I am so sorry you are having hard times. I cannot even imagine what that feels like, but do know that you are thought of and prayed for!

Have a blast with your old friend. I think old friends are the best, and I feel as though I see mine far too sporadically, as well.

Thank you so much for the award... it is my first! I'm really thankful to have found your blog and to have you as a blog friend!

:) said...

Hey Kendra.... sorry about those hormones. I know it's just not fun. But I am glad your good friend Tara is coming to town, so you guys can keep busy catching up, and doing all kinds of fun things. That'll surely help :)
Congrats on your award... and THANK YOU for nominating me! Talk about making my day :) But then again, you always know how to make someone's day. You're awesome Kendra!!
Enjoy your fun time with your friend...

Vanessa's Dad said...

Hope you Pea Pods have a great time.

Check out Emily's blog and the link to the Universe, which puts us in perspective.

I'm happy you are gonna have a great Friday and Saturday with Tara and Beth Moore.


Lauren Kelly said...

Sometimes we just need to be all over the place, means we're normal, haha!!! :O)

I'm sooooo jealous you get to see Beth Moore. How awesome. I've always wanted to see her. One of these days!

Oh, and I love your blog and I love you, girl :) Just wanted you to know that today!

Lacy said...

I hope you have a fabulous time visiting with and catching up with your BF!!! FUN! Enjoy Beth Moore and thanks for the nomination! :)

Faith said...

Hope you are having so much fun with your BFF! Girlfriend time is so good for the soul =)

I know this weekend with Beth Moore will be as well. I pray God gives you a good Word!

And, congrats on your award! You are so sweet to pass it along =)

Hope you've had an awesome day!!!

Heather said...

Your "all over the place" post is my "boy I love this girl" post!!!
SOOO praying and hoping you are having a blast with your friend and SO jealous but also praying that you have the bestest time at Beth Moore. She is so anointed and every time I hear her speak I get closer to Jesus!!
I think hormones are straight from the devil himself....seriously I think he gets control of them and has a heyday. He definitely does with me. I am going to pray that he retreats for the rest of this week, at least!
Thanks for the mean so much to me. The encouragement you have been to me is impossible to put into words!
Love ya!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the blogging award! I am so glad that we can encourage one another. Enjoy your fun weekend!

Becca said...

Hi Kendra, I started following your blog recently and really enjoy it. I can certainly identify with the hormones putting a damper on an otherwise great week! Enjoy the Beth Moore conference - I have always wanted to hear her speak in person!!

e.brown said...

AH! I love your new layout!!

natalierochelle said...

i love your new background! so cute!

tara said...

Hi Kendra! umm yeah- i can too relate with hormones being all over the place right now... 35 weeks prego. my poor husband this week! thank goodness for prayer and renewed attitudes is all i can say! :)
Have a WONDERFUL weekend! -Tara

MiMi said...

I have to say that I am a little jealous that you got to spend your weekend with Beth Moore! Everytime I hear her speak I feel the same way -- so I know that it was an awesome couple of days!

I hope that you had a wonderful time with your best friend, too. There's nothing better than having some good girlfriend time!

Congratulations on your Sisterhood Awards and thank you so much for passing it on to me. Your blog is always such an encouragement and blessing to me!

Hope you have an awesome week!