Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

We got back yesterday from a wonderful, relaxing time in Astoria, Oregon. Neither of us had ever been there before, and we are attempting to be better about trying new places. Especially as there is a good chance we may not be living in this state next year, we want to see as much of it as we can!

We had a GREAT anniversary! Here is a card I got David. I saw it and right away just knew I had to get it:If you can't read that it says "Honey, it's here! The anniversary of the smartest decision you ever made". HA!

Don't worry I got him a real card too =)

David's parents sent us flowers, aren't they beautiful?

David got me the most thoughtful gift this year...
It's the Willow Tree angel for "Celebrate...with joyful anticipation".


We celebrate five years of marriage, and with joyful anticipation await to see what God has in store for us in the years to come.

He also got me a book by Beth Moore "To Live is Christ". I can't wait to read it!

Isn't that sweet?!?!

I married well. =)

We had this amazing room at the Hotel Elliott.
It was HUGE!! And the bathroom had what I am now thinking is one of the greatest inventions of all time, heated stone floors!!
Happy feet =).

Astoria was a cute little Northern Coastal town. We enjoyed great food and drinks...
(ok so this picture is a little dark and blurry, and my hair is all frazzled and messy, but I am happy!)

We walked around downtown and enjoyed perusing the local shops. If you are ever in the need for old things or objects, have I got the store for you!...And let me tell ya, we went in side to confirm, and that store is very appropriately named!

We enjoyed beautiful weather on Sunday...

Played tic-tac-toe in a local coffee shop...a coffee shop with a slogan I could relate too...

We enjoyed sitting in the sun on our hotel's rooftop terrace...
Which had a great view during the day......and at night...
And on our last day, we channeled our inner Thelma and Louise as we crossed what I swear was the longest bridge known to man...

Happy anniversary, baby. And thank you for taking me on a wonderful weekend getaway. To the next five years...with all my love, my heart, my life, and with joyful anticipation.


Lori said...

I love the picture of you crossing the bridge, it is to cute!!

It looks loke a beautiful weekend away, what a great way to celebrate 5 years!!

The willow tree that your husband bought you is so awesome!

Becca said...

Wow, what a fun trip!! I love all the pictures!

Amanda said...

What a great weekend getaway! You two always seem to have great vacations! Ya know, 18 years in Oregon and I can't say I've ever been to Astoria. Have to make it there someday. Congratulations you two!

Vanessa's Dad said...

Thanks for taking us along on your blog anniversary trip. Very fun.


natalierochelle said...

this is so sweet!

and i have that angel too... she sits on my desk. :) we're TWINS!

congratulations you guys, i just LOVE you both.

Becky said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Looks like you had a wonderful trip and got to spend some good time together! Your hubby is so thoughtful :) May God fill this next year and the years to come with love and blessings for you both!
Much love, Becky

:) said...

Hi Kendra...
Sounds like you had a wonderful trip... that's great. We've been to Astoria before and loved it. We also love Cannon Beach which isn't far from there.
A heated stone floor??? I've never even heard of that. I'm not sure I would've left that bathroom! That sounds so wonderful!
I loved checking out all of your pictures... you guys are such a cute couple!
So glad you had such a great time :)

Lianna Knight said...

You guys look so relaxed!!! Glad you had a great time...Happy Anniversary!

Lauren Kelly said...

Awwwww, how fun!!!!!!! LOVED the pictures!!!! Happy Anniversary and here's to many, many more :)

Lacy said...

Your anniversary trip looked amazing! I am so happy for you, because you totally deserved a romantic getaway! :) The heated stone floor is WAY cool. I wrote it down in my "dream home" book. LOL. And how thoughtful for David to give you THAT Angel!! Wishing you both so much happiness in the future!

MiMi said...

WOW what an awesome anniversary trip! I am so glad that you got to get away and celebrate in such a special way!

I love your WIllow Tree Angel and I love what she represents. She's beautiful! And how awesome that David gave you a Beth Moore book, too! How sweet is he!

Happy Anniversary, sweet friend!

The Browns said...

Hey Kendra! Thankyou SO, SO, SO much for your sweet comments. You have such a sweet heart & it just made my night to read your comments.
I'm so happy you & your hubby had a great anniversary! You look beautiful in all your pics! And, I love the card ;) Ha.

Alexis said...

Oh, a romantic getaway...I am so jealous! And I collect Willow Trees, too! And I don't have that one! Jealous again!

Just wanted you to know that I'll be praying for you tomorrow. I know it's a hard day to face, and your name will be lifted often in my prayers, as I find that it is often these days.