Monday, January 25, 2010

Prayer request

Would you all please lift up my sweet friend Monica and her precious family?? They seem to be attacked non -stop lately. Monica is about 23 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, and has been put on bedrest for signs of pre-term labor and elevated blood pressure. PLEASE pray that this baby will stay safe and continue to grow healthy and strong, and that the Lord will allow Monica's body to carry sweet baby girl for much longer.

Also, last night their adorable son Seth had a seizure and the family took an ambulance ride to the hospital.

Today they are looking for answers in regards to the seizure, so please pray for wisdom for all involved. Also, please lift this family up before the Lord, that He may bring peace and protection to them, and allow Monica to get some much needed rest for her body, mind and soul very soon.

Thank you!!!


Amanda said...

Praying. Monica has been attacked lately indeed. She's been through so much. Praying for answers for Seth and a restful long rest of her pregnancy.

Kelly said...

This family is in my thoughts and prayers. I just got a new student in my class and she has only been in my room three times and has already had 2 seizures. One that resulted in the ambulance taking her to the hospital. I had never seen anyone have a seziure before hers and it was extremly terrifying. I prayer that this was an isolated instance and that the dr.'s will be able to help this little boy.

tara said...

hi kendra! i'm sorry that i seem to be so behind on blogs that i follow. first i would love to keep monica and her family uplifted in prayer.
you look absolutely wonderful and i'm so happy for you!! i love names abbey and luke! praying for a safe delivery!!

Becky said...

Oh wow! That is so much to deal with right now. Bless her heart! Will definately be praying for healing in their family....much love, Becky

Vanessa's Dad said...

Prayers goin' up.