Friday, July 29, 2011

Boys & Girls

Luke had a follow up appointment with his Orthopedist this week, and I can not stand him (the doctor, not my sweet son) so David took Luke. I could write you an epic novel about all the reasons this man gets under my skin, but I'll spare you the details and just leave it at it's better if I don't go.

So anyways.

The great news is his feet are looking fabulous and we can keep his braces on just for night sleep as we have been doing. The doctor said the odds of Luke's feet turning back in at this point are as close to zero as is possible. Hooray! He said we'll keep the braces on at night right up until Luke turns 2, then be done for good. We are so pleased with this report!! When I was pregnant and we first went in for a consultation, they had given us a much more stringent path. Casts for 6 weeks, surgery, casts for 6 more weeks, and then braces on until age 3, for nights and naps. Well most of you know we never needed the surgery - and Praise God because the idea of putting my 6 week old under general anesthesia nearly gave me an aneurysm - and he was able to reduce to just night time sleep for the braces at like 10 months. And to be done with them a whole year earlier than anticipated?! Super. Luke does so great with his shoes, although he has serious beat up his crib as he tosses and turns in his sleep =). He rarely puts up any fuss when we put them on, even after we've given him a few nights off when he's sick or we're away from home or something.

David said he and Lucas had a blast together! It's so fun when we get to have one on one time with a baby. It's tempting for us to think that just having one toddler would be sooo easy, but I'm sure triplet parents think that when they see us out with "only" two =). And it goes without saying (but I'll say it anyways) we'd never have it any other way. We can't imagine life without either one of our sweet children.

After the check up, the boys stopped at Burgerville for lunch. Luke even got a temporary tattoo!

He was so proud to show it off!

My boys...

Meanwhile, while the boys were out on their adventure, Abbey and I went to StoryTime at the Library by ourselves! Normally our whole family goes every Wednesday morning, but that day it was just us girls...

It was so special to get to spend one on one time with my sweet girl.

As much as each parent and each baby was happy to spend time the way we did, we were all four delighted to see each other again after a morning away. Especially these two, who came right in for a hug and kiss:


Lauren said...

Oh, now, that is so sweet!

Aunt Carol said...

Love the one-on-one times, but those "reunions" are so sweet.