Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cliff Notes

So I haven't really blogged in over two weeks. We've been super busy. And then super sick. And we're not quite over it, so I must get to bed soon. But I felt like hopping on here and catching up a bit first. The last two weeks have included...

- Fun with old friends.

- A houseguest (the good kind, that cook meals for your family and help with your kids)

- My helpful husband being away for a much deserved night of Baseball and respite when the illness first began. I'd like to think I appreciate David on a daily basis, but I really, really realize how much I appreciate him when he's gone and I'm up until after 2am settling one child only to get up with the other at 6am.

- Pink eye, for (eventually) all four of us. That sucked. A friend and fellow twin momma sent me a text asking me if I knew where we had gotten in from, to which I replied "Satan".

- Learning the hard way that I am allergic to Sulfa meds.

- Attempting to work from home. Since my job has me interacting with patients who either just had, or are about to have, their chest cracked open, my doctor nixed the idea of me heading to the office while I had pink eye. To which I must say HATS OFF to those of you who work from home with toddlers. I don't know HOW you do it. It was impossible to work while they were awake, which means I spent every sweet moment of nap time working away.

- All four of us coming down with nasty colds. We're still not totally over it (and we're on day 8), with stuffy noses and two out of the four of us still hacking...but I no longer see The Grim Reaper pacing up and down the hallway. So, that's progress.

- Watching older kids, that I've known since birth, play with my babies.

- A shameful amount of Baby Signing Time. Seriously. There were days Luke and Abbey watched this more times than I can count. When your toddlers are sick and fussy, and you are sick and fussy, it's all about survival.

- Binkies, all day long. Again, survival.

- Tantrums. And while the majority of them were thrown by the toddlers, a decent percentage were from the adults in this home.

- Take out Chinese food.

- Giving thanks to God for the foresight to buy a brand spankin' new washer and dryer set when we found out we were expecting twins. On that same note, a word of advice to first time moms of infants out there: save your burp rags, they will become snot rags later. You're welcome.

- Being so sleep deprived, sick and stressed that I actually called hospital security and bawled over the phone claiming my car had been stolen or towed...only to have them send out a guard who drove me around and found my car in the exact same spot I had been looking, just one floor up. Embarrassing? Yup.

- Having a deep cleaned house. When an illness passes through our home, I operate under the (futile) idea that I can combat the illness and make it go away quicker by sanitizing EVERY SINGLE nook and cranny of our home on a daily -sometimes twice daily- basis.

Alrighty. That about covers it. If you come back tomorrow, I'll post some pictures of the cutest little almost-16-month-olds you've ever seen!


Vanessa's Dad said...

Be back tomorrow... for more Adventures of "I Love Kendra."

"Kendra, you got some 'splainin' to do!" says Ricky, I mean, David.

Glad you recognize the necessity for Survival Mode, when it rears its head, or dumps its load on you.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you need a (((HUG)))Bless your heart! And I sooo feel you on the pink eye. Bryson had a double infection last month and then of course I got it a few days later.
Praying you have better weeks ahead :)

Aunt Carol said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon. Laughed out loud at your comment about burp/snot rags.

Love, Aunt Carol