Thursday, February 16, 2012


-Apparently I felt like one visit to the ER in a week was not enough for our family, because I ended up there Saturday night after being rear ended while sitting at a red light. Car is totaled, Momma is in pain. Not awesome. But, the babies weren't in the car with me. Everybody had car insurance. Awesome.

- Lately I've not made the time to blog, but I have managed to get some blog reading in. Did you Mommas out there catch this post? Beautiful. Timely. Loved it.

(yes, I've linked Stephanie's blog several times before. It's because she's so stinkin' wise ya'll, I can hardly stand it. Someday she's going to be famous, writing books or articles or something, and I only hope she'll remember us little people then...=) )

- And now that I've touched on how Mommy Blogs can make us feel worse about our mothering, let me go ahead and post some pics of some fun we've had over the last couple weeks... =). We've been really enjoying some OMSI fun lately. Thinking we might get the twins a yearly membership for their birthday!

- We've had the same Address Book since we got married nearly 8 years ago, and it's full of crossed out and re-written addresses and phone numbers. The Type A part of me decided awhile back to pick up a new one, and would you believe I haven't been able to find one? I've looked at Target, WalMart, and even Office Depot. It would seem I am one of the last people on the planet who likes to keep people's contact information on paper, in an actual book, as opposed to on my smart phone.

- We got Abbey and Luke little Mickey and Minnie dolls for Valentine's Day, and their favorite activity lately has been giving them "rides" around the house on their little vacuum and lawnmower.

- So I told you I started a new job last month, right? Well I kind of hate it. Hated it, would be more accurate I suppose. Due to a crazy set of circumstances prior to my arrival there, it's started of on an incredibly chaotic foot. It's hard to tell which way is up there most days, and I feel so unorganized and out of my element. It's only part time, but it feels so overwhelming. My first few days there I seriously thought about quitting. Well, I started to ask several people to pray that it would get easier. And people prayed.
You know that phrase "Lord move the mountain, or move me"... ? Well, He moved me. I found out recently that 149 people applied for this very position. One hundred and forty nine. And I was selected. Turns out, it's an honor to be working in that crazy, chaotic environment.

- Just try and tell me you've see two cuter bundle up babies than these two...


Laura said...

This posted made me laugh because this is normally how my train of thought bounces around!

Luv you K

Vanessa's Dad said...

Nope. Those two are the cutest!


Lisa said...

Hi! I just came across your blog from Courtney's blogroll. Your kids are so precious! I also prefer to have my addresses in a book so you aren't alone. There are 2 of us!