Thursday, February 21, 2013

A little of this, a little of that

We've had so many fun days this month already! Of course those have been intermixed with colds and flus (anyone else SO ready for summer!?). But for every one's sake I'm not going to document our illnesses here, just our fun times. You're welcome.
Abbeygirl and Dory. I believe our Dory has officially claimed this Dora couch as her's just her size and we always find her napping on it =). Dory has been such a lovely addition to our family! She is just the best dog, and our kids still adore her as much as they did when we first adopted her.

And this guy? He is always in motion. So busy, and so fun.

Several of our little friends have had birthday parties recently, and we've had a blast celebrating with them. Some triplet friends of ours hosted their party at an indoor play park. Abbey and Luke had SO much fun!

Luke is very into tools these days. Here he is hammering the play structure =).

It was a "Cars" themed party...

Luke was seriously so enamoured by this cake. Cake AND Cars?! I thought he might explode from the excitement! Every 10 minutes or so, he'd take a break from playing and come over just to stare at the cake =).

I think there might be a dollhouse in our family's future...

Some other sweet friends of ours hosted a party at The Children's Museum. Luke and Abbey loved decorating these treasure boxes!

After the party was over, we hung around the museum for a bit exploring. Our kids LOVE it there. I would have taken more pictures, but I was busy chasing two two-year-olds in different directions while carrying treasure boxes covered in not-yet-dry glue and glitter.

Hooray for a fun month so far =)


Aunt Carol said...

It definitely looks like it has been a great (and busy) month!

Love, Aunt Carol

Jen S. said...

Such great pics of the kids in action! You guys have sure been busy having a ton of fun! That's so awesome!

Dory is so cute, and I'm so glad she's such a sweet doggie. I love how she's curled up on the couch with Abbey....too cute!

Hope your weekend is wonderful!

Vanessa's Dad said...

It was fun seeing photo's and text. Your fun February is building a happy foundation for Luke & Abbey's view of the universe, which is that the universe is a wonderful creation.


Jenna said...

Such a busy month! They are just as precious as ever!

M.Anderson said...

Those kids of yours are so darn cute!