Monday, February 11, 2013

Best of friends...

Yep. Those are our kids. On an Expedition. Luke wearing a strainer for a hat, and Abbey pushing her kitty, Frosty, in the stroller (and in her ubiquitous Elmo jams, don't even think about taking those off her but to bathe her or when they need to be washed, lest you be ready to offer up a bribe reward.)
Now more than ever, Luke and Abbey are such buddies. They play together (most the time) so well. Sure, they get frustrated with each other when one doesn't play the imaginary game correctly, and yes, they still struggle taking turns from time to time. But for the most part, they are thick as thieves, adventuring through their days side by side.
Their imaginations are running wild lately, and it brings Dave and I such joy to watch (or listen) to them playing together, in their own little world.
Having twins has not always been easy. Two newborns at once was...challenging...but have two almost-three-year-olds is so fun. Those early years months with twins are sure paying off now as we watch these two buddies grow together. 


Aunt Carol said...

I see a mini Kendra when I look at Abbey in this picture -- not just her looks but also her stance!

Love, Aunt Carol

Jen S. said...

Luke and Abbey are so cute! :)

Vanessa's Dad said...

You and David are great parents to two great Twins.