Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A (third) Party Post

We celebrated the twins' third birthday Mickey Mouse Clubhouse-style, and it was well received!
As we have in years past, we hosted their party at our Church, which works so well. We have amazing friends who help us set up the night before, leaving very little to be done the morning of. 
I did need to leave a little earlier that morning though, just to help with some finishing touches. Sister was heartbroken that I was leaving without her, and threw on her boots, insisting she was ready to leave as well...

But pants were required at this party, so Daddy brought her and Brother shortly after.

Even though we've done "themes" the last two years (Sesame Street the first year, Mickey this year), we've kept things generic and primary-colored enough that we've used the same decorations every year. I just picked up some simple decorations at The Dollar Tree and used some Mickey stuff we had from around the house as well.

Our Church runs a dayschool and we've been so fortunate to just bring up toys and play equipment for our party. The kids all love it, the space is big enough, and I don't have to clean my house in order to host a party =).

 My mom and stepdad brought these adorable balloon puppies. Luke and Abbey were IN LOVE with them!

 It's such a blessing to Dave and I to see how much these two just naturally gravitate towards each other...

Of course, they also had lots of fun playing with their friends and cousins!

 Besides the play equipment and toys, I set up just a few little crafty stations with coloring sheets I printed off the internet, foam/sticker activities, and Mickey puzzles...

Love this Birthday Boy!!!

Every year I'm amazed by how many sweet friends and family members come to celebrate with us. Each year I've walked away from the party feeling like our little family is so very loved.

 This is our sweet friend who helps me SO MUCH each year. She's always more than willing to help me set up and decorate, and she keeps an eye on things during the party (replacing an empty quiche dish with a fresh, hot one or making sure there is enough coffee) so that I can just play and enjoy the party. It's such a gift.

Once the food had been nibbled down to the bare bones, we knew that meant it was time for...


Abbey and Luke sure enjoyed being sung to, and were thrilled to get to try those tasty cupcakes they'd been eying.

Pretty sure they were worth the wait...

 I die.

After cupcakes were enjoyed by all...

 ...it was on to present time!

 New umbrellas!!

A new tool set and magnetic dress up dolls!


New aprons!!

What could be in these HUGE boxes???

Abigail was pretty darned determined to find out..

New booster seats!!! We're Big Kids now =)

One of my personal favorite presents...

 A good time was had by all, especially these two THREE year olds...

Happy birthday Luke and Abbey! No matter how many years we celebrate, you'll always be my sweet babies.


Alyson Steiner said...

So precious!! I just love the happiness all over their faces! Can't believe they are already three!! :-)

Vanessa's Dad said...

Awww! So cute. They throw fun parties.

"A good time was had by all."


Jennifer said...

Oh what fun!! Looks like they had a blast! Can't believe they are THREE!!!!

Happy Birthday Abbey and Luke!