Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter 2013

I'm "behind" on blogging, and although I'm pretty sure no one is really losing sleep over that fact, I'd still like to catch up as much as possible, since this is where I document our family's memories. 

The Saturday before Easter we attended our Church's annual Easter Egg Hunt. Although we've gone the previous two years, this was the first year Abbey and Luke really got it. 

As a Christian I do believe the reason we celebrate Easter is our Savior died for our sins and then rose from the dead. I believe it's important to share this truth with our children. We talked about Easter and Jesus plenty. But I also don't think there is any harm in Easter eggs and candy =). I don't do Easter baskets, but simply because their birthday is always right before Easter, so our house is full of new toys already. I'm a cheap Momma like that =).


Proof that Momma was there too...

 After the hunt is over, we enjoyed all the fun activities...

This Spring our Church nursery had grown big enough that a 2's and 3's class was created, and Luke and Abbey began their first "classroom" experience =). This also meant they were a part of this year's Easter Program. 

I nearly wept when I saw Luke and Abbey up on stage the Sunday before Easter, practicing with all the big kids after the service. 
Big Kids are in programs. Babies aren't in programs. 
I have Kids now.

Easter Sunday David was feeling crummy, so he stayed home from Church that morning. He was so bummed to miss the "performance", so I took video, but blogger and I are battling over posting it. Stay tuned. 

 I do have some pics though...

 I mean, really. Have you seen cuter three year olds?!?

Me neither.

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Aunt Carol said...

They just keep growing.

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