Saturday, October 12, 2013


1. Have I told you all how much our family loves having Zoo and OMSI memberships?  We've were given both as birthday presents this year, and they are literally the gifts that keep on giving. It's so nice to be able to pack up and head somewhere fun for FREE whenever we want. Last week we went to the zoo with some of our favorite twin friends...=)

2. If you've read any number of posts here in the last 3 years, you know I'm not one to brag on my parenting. Like, ever. Most the time I'm ranting about how I'm failing in one way or another. But. I made a pretty brilliant decision recently. Right before the twins started preschool, I purchased a set of art clips for their room. There are 10 clips, so they each get 5. Every school morning, we come home and they each get to decide which pieces of their art they'd like to hang, and in turn, which ones they'd like to take down to make room. It's worked perfectly as a way to display their awesome art projects proudly, without every single square inch of wallspace in our 990sq ft house becoming completely overtaken by preschool artwork. I save about 1/2 of what they choose to take down in a Memory Box...because I'm a sucker for anything my kiddos make. And a bit of a hoarder.
Speaking of preschool, Abbey and Luke both LOVE it. They have so much fun, and are so happy on the two mornings of week we have school! They get ready super quickly and want to get in the van and go!

And also, look what our 3.5 year old daughter can do...

3. My husband, who is truly one of the best writers I know, has started a blog. And it's good, ya'll. Check it out.

4. Luke and Abbey decided they want to be Jake and Izzy from Disney Jr's Jake and the Neverland Pirates for Halloween this year. It's so cute to see them be really excited about the Holidays this year! 3.5 is a fun age for celebrations. I'm super duper excited for Christmas this year! 
They even helped me decorate...=)

5.  And lastly, for documentation purposes, here are pics of Luke and Abbey's current favorite actitives: family movie night cuddle time, and helping Momma bake...


'Night all!

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U R blessed.