Thursday, December 12, 2013


When you go a month without blogging, you feel an inclination to "catch up" on all that has gone on.
I'm gonna ignore that feeling.
The short answer? We've just been busy.
Someday I may get around to posting about our Thanksgiving and November in general, for memory keeping purposes, but not today.
I just had a tender moment with my daughter, and it's put me in a thoughtful place.
I want to remember the sweet rewards of saying Sure, Why Not?
I almost always go in and check on my babies before I go to sleep myself each night.
Sometimes, one -or both- of them will stir a bit and awaken.
Tonight Abigail awoke and said "oh hi Momma, will you lay with me a bit?"
I started to say "Not tonight Baby..." when I realized I didn't really have to turn her down.
Yes, she is a 3 and a half year old in a tiny toddler bed, and there is really no more room for a grown woman in there...and yes, I am aware that when I get up to leave after our cuddle, there is the risk of a full-blown-middle-of-the-night-tired kind of tantrum...and yes, there is a good chance if I give in to this request tonight, she will ask every night from now on.
 If you give a mouse a cookie, right?
But I'd worked a very long day today, and snuggling with my baby girl sounded Heavenly.
So I crawled into that tiny bed and burrowed in with my baby.
I felt her warm, sweet breath on my face as she reached her tiny hand up and cupped it around my neck. I rested my hand on her chest and gave Thanks that her heart was beating
After a few minutes - just as I was settling into the idea that I'd stay there all night, even if it meant my jacked-up back would be in pain tomorrow, when she whispered "ok Momma, you can go back to your bed now. I love you."
I'm so glad I put aside the thoughts of possible consequences or my exhaustion, and just said Yes.


Aunt Carol said...

Oh, man! That brought some moisture to my eyes.

Love, Aunt Carol

the name's emily. said...

I love this :) Thank you for sharing this sweet moment :)
Love, Auntie Mem

Vanessa's Dad said...

Good call, Mom. You listened to the Holy Spirit whispering to give in this time.

This seems like affirmation of all your instincts to be a cuddling parent for their first three years.


nbrown said...

I don't know why but this post made me cry.

Okay, I do know why.

Still, I'm so glad you took the time to post it. Love your sweet babies.