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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013

I wanted to document the twins' 4th Halloween, even if it's mid-November before I do so =)

The weekend prior, we went down to Dave's parents for the day for a pumpkin carving party...


And the four of us came home with these beauties...

(Luke's, mine, Dave's and Abbey's)

One evening the week of Halloween, Dave's work had a pumpkin carving party for the international students. I brought the twins out to run a muck...
Love this boy.

Luke and Abbey were both a little scared of this dude at first, but once he showed them how they could punch him and his body would just bounce right back, they were instant friends =)

Ab's had declined the opportunity to wear her Izzy costume out to the party, stating simply "I just want to be Abbey tonight", but she did have fun playing with some of the dress up accessories they had there...

One of Dave's students was so sweet to spar with Luke =)

What can I say??? The ladies love him...

Daddy accessorized a bit as well...

I got to volunteer in the kids' preschool room for the Halloween party. I wish I could put into words how much joy this brought me. I was so excited to get to observe Abbey and Luke in their school environment. This was the first time ever that I was visiting their turf, and even though I come in to their classroom when I drop them off and pick them up, it's totally different to get to watch them interact with their peers and teachers, and go about their little school routine. I had a blast.

Dave pointed out when he saw this picture that Luke is sitting directly on top of the letter "L" on the rug. No coincidence, I assure you.

We also had our first ever "real" trick or treating!!! We went and visited our sweet family friends, the Todd's, like we do every year. 

Then we went and knocked on a few doors in their neighborhood. Luke and Abbey were in awe of the whole experience!! They couldn't believe all they had to do was knock on doors, say 'trick or treat', and people gave them candy! =). I believe this will be the last year we can get away with only going to a small handful of houses.

It's times like these that make it hard for me to be sad that my babies are growing up, because I'm having so much fun watching them become such cool little people.


Vanessa's Dad said...

Just keep enjoying them. It gets better and better. And, then some day they have kids, and gets even better. :O)


Amanda said...

Looks like a great Halloween season/holiday. I adore Abbey's comment about just wanting to be Abbey. Precious. They looked like they had lots of fun.