Sunday, January 19, 2014


We've had such a fun start to 2014. Dave has been on Winter Break from work and we've loved having him home so much!!

I picked up extra hours at work while he was home, so he had lots of Stay-At-Home Daddy time =) - which is so good for all of us.

One day they packed up and headed to the Zoo!

Even though it was a cloudy, damp day, they saw tons of animals out!

My People =)

We've also had lots of fun hanging out at the house, playing with our new toys from Christmas...

What can I say? The boy is serious about his tools.

One of the reasons it's so fun to have Daddy home is he comes up with super fun activities, like teaching a pair of 3 year olds the Art of "Jump Ball"...

I also had them help with house chores, like cleaning the bathroom. They insisted on helping me with the mirror, which they also used as a place to rest their hands for balance...a bit counter productive, but fun ;)

We've played games, like CandyLand and Go Fish. It's fun to have kids old enough to play games! So far, we have one twin who is a gracious loser and one...who needs to work on it a little bit ;)

Today after Church the kids and I went to a birthday party for one of their sweet little classmates. Luke and Abbey had SO MUCH FUN here and completely wore themselves out. I put them to bed at 6:30pm tonight and they didn't fight it at all!

We've also battled some viruses already this year, which made for lots of down time...

...which always makes me grateful for Netflix Watch Instantly.


nbrown said...

This blog just makes me want to drive over to your house this minute and hug them both.

Also, that first picture of Dave and the kiddos is UNBELIEVABLY cute.

Amanda said...

Such fun. I love when the littles have so much fun during the day they are too tired to put up any fight at bedtime. I know, Netflix makes being home bound so much easier. Makes me give extra credit to Mom and Dad who did it with only broadcast tv and a VCR. :)

Aunt Carol said...

I had to chuckle about your tactful comment about someone having to work on being a gracious loser.

Love, Aunt Carol