Saturday, February 15, 2014

On raising boys...

I grew up in a house with all girls. Four sisters, to be exact. My husband grew up in a home with two brothers. Each of us was so excited at our ultrasound when we learned we were having one of each - for many reasons - but one of them being that I would get to watch a boy grow up, and Dave a girl.

I wish I could articulate how much fun my son is, but I don't think I'll ever be able to do it justice. Our Luke is many things; brave, tough, smart, handsome, crazy observant, kind, empathetic, witty, private, loyal, curious, sensitive...and most of all FUN.

Luke has tons of energy. Like, A LOT of energy. The boy wakes up in the morning and GOES. Even if he's watching a TV show, he's playing on the side.
He was very young when I recognized I was going to have to be creative about giving him ways to get his energy out. In a 900 sq foot home with a small (SMALL) yard, I was going to have to get used to getting out and about more than I would have liked in order to give him a chance to explore and get his energy out. If he doesn't get the chance to do so, he tends to make naughtier choices ;).

 It's better for all of us to get out and play where there is room to run. It's an important part of childhood, and we're lucky to have so many opportunities around us. But some days we can't fit it in, or we just need a day at home, or someone's under the weather, etc. Some days we just have to spend the whole day at home. On those days, Luke finds the funniest ways to get his energy out...

Like having me move the coffee table and running circles in the living room...

Last night he was running from the laundry room door into the living room and jump kicking the chair & 1/2. He did this about ten times (complete with Ninja headband on, naturally) and then turned to Dave and said "Daddy, I'm just a little bit trying to break the chair"
It was hilarious.

And he is SUCH a Ham. I asked him the other night if he wanted to do something, and he replies "Sure Momma! It would be my pleasure. Momma? 'it would be my pleasure' means 'sure, I'd love to!"

"Need something off the top shelf? I'll get that for ya Momma!"

This boy...

What amazes me most about this boy - what makes me feel so incredibly lucky - is he's just as quick to be gentle. He has such a tender heart, and he is the first to ask why someone is sad or scared. When he plays too rough (it's truly not often, but it happens) he consistently recognizes it himself and always apologizes before being asked. He HATES to hurt anyone!

Sweet boy feeding a baby doll it's bottle =)

Pretty much every day I feel lucky that I get to know our Luke. He is SO fun, and such a rich blessing in our lives!


Amanda said...

Precious. When I think of Luke, I think of how you talk about how observant he is to watch things, like walking, and how he didn't really even try until he knew he would be able to do it just right. And he did. He is so sweet and kind and loving. I agree, I feel so blessed to have one of each. I smile when I catch Keegan doing things like making motor noises with his cars that I remember you getting so much joy out of Luke doing. Blessed to be a Boy Momma. :)

The Writer Chic said...

His hair is GORGEOUS!!!!