Thursday, May 29, 2014


This September will mark two years since we welcomed Dory into our family. What a blessing she has been! We've loved having her, and she really is the perfect dog for us.

As much as we all love her, Dory's biggest fan is Abbey Mae.

Abbey loves all animals, and pretty much daily asks me if we can get a horse or a goat or a lamb or something. My answer is usually "if we ever live on a farm you can!" and so far that's working =).  She loves helping take care of Dory, always wanting to help me feed her and make sure she has water, and a common question out of Abbey's mouth is "can I give Dory a treat? She's such a good girl!" =).

I'm so thankful for our sweet pup and how much joy she brings all of us, especially Abigail.

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