Thursday, April 23, 2015

Easter 2015

I know it was awhile back, but I want to document our Easter =)
Our Church has an "Epic Easter Egg Hunt" every year, and the name is not's Epic!!
I work Saturdays, so David took the kids to the hunt solo, and took some pictures for me too...he's a keeper =)
When you live in Oregon - or really anywhere in the Pacific NW- you get used to doing you Easter Egg Hunts in the rain...

Abbey and Luke both had a blast, and were SO excited to show me their goodies when I got home from work!

The kids made these adorable "hatching" chicks at Preschool...I love all the crafts they come home with!

Easter Sunday, the kids woke up to a jelly bean trail, just like I always did when I was growing up. Long live the Jelly Bean Trail!!!

Luke winding around the corner, following the trail to his basket...

Abbey following her trail...

We keep Easter baskets pretty simple around here. Both because that's not what we want to focus on for Easter (all though they sure are fun!) and also because the twins' birthday is always right before, and so we are inundated with new toys and such.
Each kiddo got some candy, a chocolate bunny, a new lovie/stuffed animal, and a small toy.
Luke got a brown wiener dog, which he quickly named "Chocolate Hundley" after Hundley on Curious George =)

Abigail got a white and pink unicorn, to which she offered up the original moniker of "Uni" =)

After jelly bean trails and Easter baskets, it was time to get ready for Church.
Don't they look so cute?!?
(Abbey is going through a long-sleeved shirt ONLY phase. It's rarely worth fighting her over =) )
Silly Faces.
(sorry Aunt Kay! ;) )

Once we arrived at Church I immediately had another Momma take our picture. I knew wearing white pants was pushing my luck with a pair of five year olds...

The kids put on a short performance that morning, it was precious. 
Both kids take their singing performances VERY seriously, it's adorable =).
And I was the momma in the front row waving hysterically and taking pictures.

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Aunt Carol said...

Fun, fun, fun -- and what a lovely family!