Sunday, May 17, 2015

Life at Five


-Prefers to go by "Luke" over Lucas

-LOVES anything "Star Wars"
-Favorite Movie: Star Wars 6
-Is a total Ham, and loves to make anyone and everyone laugh

-Favorite Lovie: Bear

-Favorite Food: Macaroni

-Favorite Drink: juice

- Is incredibly agile. Has great balance and coordination, and is speedy. Such a crazy miracle considering how crooked his feet were at birth!

-Always has his tongue out while concentrating

- Very tender hearted

-Favorite Phrase: "MOMMA LOOK!"  =)

-Loves playing basketball and baseball, and is very good at both!

- Is starting to really have an appetite. The other morning he had seven pancakes for breakfast. SEVEN.

- Is super social. LOVES preschool.

- Is fiercely loyal.

- Is busy. Has always been, will always be. We were cuddling the other day in lieu of Quiet Time, and I said "we can skip Quiet Time if you guys are quiet and still and rest here with me (on my bed), and if you can't, then you can go into your own beds..." and Luke looked at me SO seriously and said in the softest voice "but Momma, sometimes it's hard for me to be still". Bless his little heart.

-Is happiest when all four of us are home together.

- Has recently really shown an interest in coloring, and really all arts and crafts in general.

Favorite Book: "Star Wars Rebels", "No No David", and "Hot Wheel Hamster"


- Loves deserts and anything sweet.

- Favorite Toy: Luke Skywalker

- Favorite Dessert: suckers

- Favorite TV Show: "Star Wars Rebels"

-Favorite Color: Green (just like Momma)

- Favorite thing to do: Fight with Daddy with Lightsabers

-Favorite thing about Preschool: Playing outside

 -Has taken to saying "Oh, dear" when something is wrong. He says it like an elderly person. It's adorable.

- Is the sweetest, most adorable, most loyal, tender-hearted, loving little boy I've ever met. I'm wicked proud to be his Momma.


-Prefers to go by "Abigail" over Abbey

- LOVES anything "How To Train Your Dragon"

-Is very sensitive to anyone feeling left out

-Favorite Food: Chicken Nuggets and Tater Tots

-Favorite Drink: Warm Milk

- Is super feisty

-Favorite Movie: Brave

- Gets a little car sick on long drives (just like her Momma)

- Has a lot to say. Often. Like, all the time. It's earned her the nickname "Fillie" around here...for Filibuster, because HomeGirl can REALLY hold the floor =)

- Loves taking baths
- Favorite Snack: goldfish crackers, Saltines, or Pirate's Booty

- Loves animals. LOVES LOVES LOVES animals. All animals. Her most requested toy is a new Stuffed Animal. And then when a new one appears, it's instantly her sidekick for the next few days, while she acclimates it to the rest of her clan =). She always sleeps close to that one on their first night in her bed.


- Favorite color: pink

-Favorite Book: "Skippy Jon Jones", "How To Train Your Dragon" and "Click, Clack, Moo"


- Does not like popcorn

- Wants her hair loose and free at all times! Does not care at all if it's in her eyes. Begrudgingly allows me to occasionally pull it back a bit.


- Loves to make her bed and is SO proud when she does

- Is very determined, we've been known to overhear her saying "come on Abigail" to herself when she's trying to learn something new.


-Still prefers jammies to clothes whenever given the choice (again, just like her Momma)


- Loves lettuce and cabbage

- Will drop pretty much anything at the chance to help me cook/bake

- Is a good sleeper, and would likely sleep much later in the morning if she didn't share a room with her brother who hates to play by himself =)


 - Would rather play with stuffed animals / lovies than any other toy.

- LOVES songs with hand motions! Takes her performance in school or Church programs VERY seriously =)

- Is the kindest, bravest, most sensitive, compassionate and silly little girl I've even known. I'm wicked proud to be her Momma.

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