Saturday, July 18, 2015

David's Days =)

Back in June, we celebrated David's birthday and also Father's Day.
The kids and I made this sign and then posted this pic on his Facebook page =). They were so excited to "surprise" Daddy with this sign =)

A week later was Father's Day, and the kids again were super excited to celebrate Dave!
I did these little questionnaires from Pinterest again this year, and I'm always glad I did. The kids have such sweet and funny answers, I love looking back on them.
David reviewing their questionnaires...

Opening his present...

That evening David got to pick whatever he wanted to do, and he picked Star Wars Trouble.
(Auntie Nessa and Uncle Evan, we play this ALL THE TIME...great gift!)

We played three rounds...Boys vs girls, Momma/Luke vs Daddy/Abbey, and Parents vs Kids.
We played Parents vs kids last, and it started out heavily in Dave and I's favor. I thought *for sure* we were going to win, I even bet the kids 5 minute back rubs.
And then they proceeded to go on a run that you would not believe.
They rolled six after six after six and then six again.
(For those not well versed in the rules Trouble: not only do you get to advance six spaces, but you get to roll again)
They creamed us.
And we had to give them backrubs.
And they gloated the entire time.
Not exactly how I thought David would spend part of his Father's Day, but it sure made for a good laugh =)

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Aunt Carol said...

Pride goeth before a fall -- or a drubbing by your kids.

Love, Aunt Carol