Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I heart blogging!!!

Thank you so much for all your prayers, sweet comments, and love!!!! I am grateful. Thank you also to crochetcrazymom for sharing your story!!! I NEVER get tired of hearing stories like that =)

Please keep the prayers coming... still more questions than answers.


Amanda said...

I heart blogging too! still praying!

Lacy said...

Kendra, I am so glad so many people are in prayer for you!! I too was very encouraged by crochetcrazymom's story!! I'm still praying!!

Andrea said...

I normally don't comment on people's blogs that I don't know, but felt the Lord leading me to do so.
I feel your pain. Like crochetcrazymom I haven't read many of your past posts, but I read enough to know that we have felt similar pain. My husband and I tried for two years for a baby and I had taken so many pregnancy tests in that time I should have taken out stock in them. (well, maybe in hindsight that wouldn't have been such a good idea given our current economy!) Anyway, I know the pain of every month that goes by without getting pregnant. I know the heartache that comes when friends get to have that joy and you don't. However, by God's grace I also know the immeasurable joy it is to finally be able to get pregnant! My son is now 7 1/2! We ended up trying four more years for another one, and I am thrilled to say that my second son is 16 months! God is so good and He will walk every step of the way with you. While we don't know the ending of your story yet, He does! Know that you have someone out there (in the same general area it sounds like!) that is lifting you and your dr up in prayer.


Lori said...

Hang in there!


crochetcrazymommy said...

Up with my sweet tater now. It's like 2 a.m. and I've had about thirty minutes of sleep tonight. Seriously. And I love sleep. Anyway, I had you on my heart and just thought I'd check back in, and I was floored that you mentioned me in your last post. I realize that this blog is smaller than all of the other ones that I've been following (no offense, of course) but still, I feel like a celebrity or something. Above all, though, I am honored to be of some encouragement to you and your readers. God works everything in our lives, even the things that we don't understand, even the things that hurt us more than we can find words to convey, and it's all to bring Him glory. It's hard to remember that in the middle of the battle, but God is with us, no matter what we're facing, and we should save time and praise Him before we learn the lesson He's trying to teach us. And that's as much a message to me as anyone else.