Saturday, January 15, 2011

5 Things

1. The other day, while in a hurried frenzy to get ready for work, I somehow managed to graze the tip of my nose with my curling iron. Again. So now I am walking around with a giant red burn mark on the end of my nose. And yes, it looks just as awesome looking as it sounds.

Allowing this to happen in the first place takes some talent. Allowing this to happen twice in six months...well that takes a really special person.

2. Boudreaux's Butt Paste? Does not live up to the hype, in my opinion. This stuff, although pricey, works SO much better.

3. Yesterday at work on my way to my pumping break I stopped to chat with a co-worker who (politely) expressed her surprise that I was still needing to pump during a short time span of being away, leading to our discussion of how often I still nurse my twins. She (again, politely) questioned the fact that I still nurse on average 7 times a day, even though my babies are nearly 10 months old. I explained that according to my Nursing Bible I am right on track, especially since the babies are sleeping about 10 hour stretches at night now (God is still in the business of miracles people!) they need to nurse frequently during the day. I also mentioned that I am really wanting to hang on to both my supply and our nursing at least through one year, and breastfeeding often helps both. She (still, very politely) kind of guffawed this, stating the twins absolutely did not "need" to nurse so much. She told me stories about nursing her son, and how she slowly took away feeding sessions as he got older. I then asked her how long she nursed for. This was her response... "oh, I was only able to nurse for 6 months. I really would have loved to go through to a year, but my milk ran out"

Really?!? Did you just hear yourself?? Cauz if you did, you might realize that perhaps, just maybe, my current way of doing things might not be so crazy.

*disclaimer so I don't get a bunch of comments - I realize breastfeeding is different for everyone. Some babies and some Mommas are able to do just fine on fewer feedings at different stages. I just found the conversation ...ironic.*

4. This year I decided to take part in Beth Moore's Scripture Memory Team and will be memorizing 2 pieces of Scripture a month. I have always had a tendency towards fearful and anxious thoughts, and it has only gotten worse since I have become a mother. The idea of taking my mind and heart captive for Christ sounds incredibly inviting to me at this Season in my life, and I feel this will help me more actively hide His Word in my heart. My first verse I memorized this year is "May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer" Psalm 19:14. Gotta decide today what my next one is gonna be.

5. So I am reading this book right? And the other day's reading started with this quote"Perhaps if one really knew when one was happy one would know the things that were necessary for one's life"- Joanna Field. The author then goes on to say "What is missing from many of our days is a true sense that we are enjoying the lives we are living. It is difficult to experience moments of happiness if we are not aware of what it is we genuinely love. We must learn to savor small, authentic moments that bring us contentment. .... Let us grasp the awareness of what it is that makes us truly happy. Let us consider our personal preferences and learn how to recognize, then embrace, moments of happiness that are uniquely our own."

So I laid there in bed, closed my eyes, and asked myself what things make me happy.

And do you want to know the very first thing that came to my mind?

Was it my son's contagious belly laugh and the way his eyes shine when it occurs? Was it my daughter's delightful giggle and the way she often puts her forehead to mine when she does it, like we're sharing a secret? Was it my husband's embrace and the way I slide perfectly under his chin when we hug?

No. Although those were a close 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. No. When I closed my eyes, and asked myself "what makes me really happy?" I saw this, friends...

The perfect cup of Coffee with Fat Free French Vanilla Creamer.


It's okay, you can judge me. I judge me.

But I figure the fact that coffee with creamer obviously holds such a dear place in my heart makes it all the more remarkable that I gave it up for 9 1/2 months of pregnancy and the first 2 months of the twins' life.

And that's all for now.


nbrown said...

I can't get your links to open, but I'm assuming you are referring to Simple Abundance. And I don't judge you in the slightest bit. Knowing those little, simple things that make you smile is exactly what that book is alllll about. :)

Though I must say, after spending some winter months at your house, peppermint creamer is the one that holds a special place in my heart.

Love you!

Lauren said...

You crack me up!

And I laugh in that girl's face! Ugh, I can't stand when people have attitudes about breastfeeding! There are so many formula feeding moms out there who don't want to feel guilty for formula feeding, so they basically bash breastfeeding or make it seem not as important as it is in an attempt to make themselves feel better. I've had enough of it!!

My son is 10 months old and he is still nursed exclusively all day long, with just nibbles of what I'm eating if he wants them, and then he gets a meal of solids at night before bed. And I will keep nursing long after he turns 1. I've researched it, it is still incredibly beneficial for toddlers, and it may not be the "popular" thing to do in North America (although the worldwide average age of weaning is like 4 years old, and obviously you don't get that high an average if everyone in the world is like the VAST majority of women in the U.S., who don't nurse more than a few months). But it's good for him, and I'm doing it.

And man, I think it's hilarious when people who nursed for 6 months or so (and were probably very liberal with bottles and formula) think they're breastfeeding experts. Umm, yeah, you wonder why you "dried up"?? You were taking feedings away and supplementing!

(and I realize that not every formula feeding mom has an attitude like I just described, but I've just heard WAY too much of it in the past 10 months. I'm sick of it.)

Julia said...

You crack me up!

#2--definitely THE best! Burt's Bees is the only way to go. Worth the $ for sure!

#3--that lady would have been appalled at me then. My girls are 11.5 months, and we still nurse 7-8 times a day. You rock, Mama, and are doing an amazing thing for you little ones (I know you already know this--it just feels good to hear some times, I think, anyway)!

#5--I heart coffee too! Isn't it just wonderful--I'm pretty sure that God must have some of that stuff in heaven (except I think you can I can have all the fat in the creamer--yum!)

Vanessa's Dad said...

Yay! for Simple Abundance. I'm for more JOY in our life. We need to look for it. Then we'll find it, 'cause it's all around us... if we are looking for it.

With a heart of Gratitude,

Vanessa's Dad said...

Yay! for Simple Abundance. I'm for more JOY in our life. We need to look for it. Then we'll find it, 'cause it's all around us... if we are looking for it.

With a heart of Gratitude,

Emily said...

Unsolicited Scripture recommendation time. :) Kit's mom gave me this verse when I was struggling with fear about getting married, and I still hold it close in my heart for those time I am fearful.

Psalm 56:3-4
When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. In God, whose word I praise—in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?

Stephanie said...

I'm so not impressed with Boudreax's, either.

And coffee with creamer makes me truly, in -my-heart happy too. =) Though I prefer the peppermint mocha creamer ... and I have never taken a break from a (single cup of) morning coffee, in four years and three babies.

Aunt Carol said...

It does seem like your co-worker doesn't listen to her own conversations.

Your first memory verse hit home with me. I need to pay particular attention to "the words of my mouth". Thank you for sharing that.

Love, Aunt Carol

Sarah said...

That is hilarious about your conversation with that woman re: breastfeeding! I think people don't realize if you want them to sleep well at night, you have to feed them plenty during the day!!!
High five's for continuing to pump for your babes!! They may never tell you thank you, so I'll just tell you that I'm insanely impressed!!I've only been nursing/pumping for my two for 4 months and am losing heart over it!

Sarah said...

Yay for booby snacks! Some people just have no idea...

The anticipation of my coffee is the one thing that pries me out of bed most mornings. Even when I was puking it up from morning sickness, I'd still enjoy it. :)

Lori said...

I love your 5 things!!! I found it so great that you brought up how you fit right under your hubby's chin when you hug!! Cause I do the same with my hubby, and I LOVE it!! I feel so protected somehow!! There is nothing better than a big, tight hug from the hubby!!

Thanks for the tip about the diaper rash cream!

Guy and Julie said...

This makes me laugh! I would say the same thing, but my creamer of choice would be full fat Chocolate Caramel! It's the little things that make us so happy, right?!