Sunday, January 9, 2011

9 month stats

Figured I should record these somewhere, and as I've mentioned before, this blog serves as my baby "book". I do keep a journal that I write in occasionally...things that seem to personal or intimate for the blog. But for the most part, this blog is it for recording Lucas & Abigail's infancy thus far.

We had their 9 month well baby check-up earlier this month, and it went great.


Luke -

Weight: 18 lbs, 7 oz (16%)

Height: 28.5 inches (56%)

Head Circumference: I didn't get the actual #, but his is in the 96%!


Weight:15 lbs, 8 oz (5%)

Height: 26.5 inches (15%)

Head Circumference: Again, I don't have the actual #, but she is in the 90%!

I had been SO nervous about Abbey's weight. She just is such a little Peanut and didn't seem to be filling out as quickly as her brother. She seemed to be getting longer, but just stalling out in weight. It's hard for me to let go of worrying about their growth. With breastfeeding you never know for sure how much they are getting, and being that I started out with MAJOR supply issues and supplementing full feeds with formula, it's still sometimes hard for me to take full confidence in the fact that my kids are "exclusively" (except for solids now, of course) breastfed, even though they have been for like 7 months now.

Dr. M was not worried about Abbey's growth. Like not at all. I even asked her "are you sure you aren't worried? She is barely in the 5th percentile, and she used to be in the 10th..." (luckily she knows me well enough now that she is able to just smile at my ridiculous worries and not be the slightest bit offended when I question her like that - ha!) She assured me that she is staying close enough to her personal growth curve that there is no cause for concern. She also pointed out all the areas that Abbey is thriving in, and said not to worry at all, she is just petite =). I am so thankful.

As we were leaving, David said "what a blessing to be able to answer all those questions so easily and with the 'right' answers", which was something I had easily overlooked. I am grateful to him for pointing it out. Here we had just been asked a significant amount of questions about their development, and so far there is not even the slightest concern about either baby. I had just kind of glazed over that, business as usual, but as David pointed out, what a BLESSING.

And also, on a more personal note, what a blessing it is to have such an involved husband. I am so grateful to be married to a man who views parenting as an equal partnership. David is such an involved father, and it made my heart fall in love with him all over again to hear him "report" with incredible knowledge and insight on what each baby is up to. He loves these kids so much, and they are so lucky to have him as a Daddy.

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