Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Favorite Spots

Given the choice of places to hang out in our house, we know right away which place each of our babies would choose.

For Lucas, it would be the Johnny Jump Up. No doubt about it.

For Abigail, it would be the chair, hands down!

It will be a sad day in our house when they have outgrown these things!


Vanessa's Dad said...

Sorta sad, but also fun to watch the Next Thing in their lives.

Goodness they have so much more expression in their faces. Their personalities are forming daily.


Stephanie said...

These pictures brought back memories - Asher played with that exact same chair until he was nearly two years old, and Silas jumped in the Johnny Jump Up so much that he once wore blisters on his little toes. Fun memories.

Lauren said...

She looks like such a big girl sitting in her chair:)

Lauren said...

They are getting SO big. Just precious!!!! :)

Once Upon A Time said...

The good thing is that the chair is good for up to "36 months"! I am so excited- after reading how much your two love it, I found one on craigslist for $10. I hope my two love it as much as yours!

Sarah said...

Awe! It won't be sad because then Abigail will want you to play baby dolls with her and Lucas will have trains and cars all over the place! Things YOU get to play with!

Jen S. said...

Hi sweet Kendra!
OH MY GOSH the kids look so grown up in these pictures! Not little babies anymore!
Jeven had a Johnny Jump Up when she was little, and she loved it. She looked like a little froggy leaping around. Steve and I used to get the biggest kick out of watching her having a blast in it!

Such cute kids you have. I loved checking out the pictures!