Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All crouped up

After a night of barking coughs, temps reaching 102.8, and two trips to the bathroom to sit next to a steamy shower due to difficulty breahing... a trip to the peds and a chest xray this morning confirmed Abbey has Bronchiolitis / Croup.

More steroids.

I am SO over having a sick household.

Prayers appreciated =).


Amanda said...

Praying! I hear you on the SO over having a sick household...as I am home with Cadence AGAIN for another 5 day weekend with the looming threat of a hospital stay... praying! And God bless good doctors, good meds and the green mermaid drive thru's :)

Amanda said...

Oh and PRAISE GOD it's not pneumonia- but bummer about "virus's just having to run their course :)

Alexis said...

So sorry to hear that, Kendra. Praying for you all!!

Aunt Carol said...

It will get better. I'm glad Abbey waited until after the 11-month pictures to get sick so that at least one of the kids was having a good time for the photo session. Hope Luke is doing better by now.

Love, Aunt Carol

Lauren said...

You guys really can't catch a break. I'm praying for you!

the name's emily. said...

praying for sure!

Sarah said...

I'll pray for you girl! And pray for us too! My twins have the stomach bug. Ella and my husband have already had it. Praying God will have mercy on me and not let me get it too!
So sick of the sickness!
And I sympathize with the croup stuff. Ella has something called croup variant asthma...basically, she has had croup about 14-15 times (I've lost count) in the short almost 3 years of her life! Isn't that crazy?!?! This winter has been better for her though!
Wish you lived near and I would help you out!
Hang in there!
Hugs from Georgia,

Steph said...

That's horrible! It's so difficult when babies are so sick. :( Praying y'all get over everything and have a healthy household SOON!

Kelly said...

Hoping your family gets better soon!