Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My new love

I've never really been one for purses.

I don't think I've ever spent more than $30 on one. It's just not my thing. In fact, I've rotated between the same two purses for years now. I appreciate a cute purse, sure, but I could never bring myself to spend three digits on one, or even, say $62.

It's not that I'm so great with money, because I'm not. But my trouble comes in the form of piling far too many $15 or $20 items into my cart at Target or Old Navy or even Costco, thus creating a very high number at the check out register.

But recently I allowed myself to splurge and spend more money than I was comfortable with on...

a diaper bag.

Yes, a diaper bag.

Seem like a lot of money to spend on such a thing? Well, before you think such things, hear me out. First, look at how cool it is...

I know.

I love it too.

And it's incredibly practical. Really.

My favorite part about it is it's a backpack. I had been wanting a backpack style diaper bag since I found out we were expecting twins, but I had never been willing to fork out the money before now. It was a combination of trying to go places with two toddling toddlers, each needing to hold my hand while the over-one-shoulder style diaper bag we've had hits one of the kids in the face while I'm constantly trying to keep it from sliding off my shoulder, and finding a smoking deal on ebay. This bag retails for $120, and I got it for $62 with free shipping. At that price I know it shouldn't be a problem to get our money back reselling it when we're done with it.

I've had it for over 2 weeks now, and I freaking love it. It makes my life so much easier! Birds sing louder, the grass is greener, I've lost 10 pounds... Ok, none of those things, but seriously, I wish I would have dove in and purchased one sooner! It makes being out and about with the twins so much easier.

So, I guess I'm officially a 30 year old mother, with a minivan and a mortgage, who spends more money on a diaper bag than she does on anything else she wears. And I'm okay with it. =)


The Writer Chic said...

Good for you, Kendra! And even if it weren't practical, you should be allowed to splurge on things every so often. You've waited a loooong time to be "extravagant" when it comes to "mommy-needs."

Love you, girl!

Jessica said...

I've been having the same problems with my diaper bag and had been looking at getting a backpack now. Thanks for sharing I'm gonna look at this one too!

Heather said...

CUTE bag! I had several diaper bags, and we used the backpack "man bag" Tyler got at Addie's baby shower more than any other! :) They really are practical!!

Cool Grandma B said...

Kendra;, It just means that you appreciate the bag so much more.
Love, Grandma B. coess

Suzanne said...

OK, fill me in. Is it big enough to hold everything you need for two kids? The one I have was advertised to be big enough but it's not. Where did you buy it? I'll take a look to see if I can get a deal too! :)

Aunt Carol said...

It really is a neat looking bag, and I'm glad it's working out so well.