Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Party Post

Last Saturday we celebrated the twins' 2nd birthday.

We started the morning off with "birthday chair", a tradition for David growing up that we plan on continuing within our little family too!

Then we let them open their present from Daddy & Momma -- a train set!

It's hard to say who loved it more - the Daddy or the kiddo's...

Probably the kiddos...

 After a leisurely morning of birthday pancakes and playing with trains, I headed to the church to set up for the party. My Dad, stepmom, sister, and sweet friends Steve and Lisa were all there to help too! Thank goodness for them - by the time we were done, the place looked great!!

The night before, my sister Vanessa and two of her friends spent sweet forever making and decorating these beauties:

 SO fun!!

My sister Natalie tackled these for us:

The great thing about having a Sesame Street birthday theme is you can just decorate in primary colors and it looks like it all goes together but is still fairly thrifty compared to all the licensed decor.

 We had Crack bread, cream cheese sausage balls, chips, goldfish crackers, cookies, little smokies, veggies, fruit and cupcakes.

Dave and I are SO grateful our Church is so willing to let us throw birthday parties there! We love our house, but it's quite...cozy. There is no way we could host a large gathering here in our 990 square feet! Plus all the kids had so much fun using the play equipment =).


Time to sing!

And just like last year, Luke dove in face first!

Sister keeping Daddy close while snacking =)

Ahhhh the life of a 2 year old... =)

Then on to the presents...

Luke supervising while Grammy and BopBop opened his new helicopter for him...

A picture of our whole family on David's side!

Once again, we were so blessed with many family and friends to celebrate with! Abbey and Luke got SO many new fun toys and also a one year membership to a local children's museum!


Family of 5 said...

Happy 2nd birthday!! Can't believe they are 2 now!! what precious pictures and such wonderful memories!!

Vanessa's Dad said...

Terrific BDay. Thanks for photo's.